/Black security guard fires to punch Maga Ma, who was embarrassed to demand self-defense from her BLM-backed daughter

Black security guard fires to punch Maga Ma, who was embarrassed to demand self-defense from her BLM-backed daughter

The security guard who punched a Maga mother who embarrassed her daughter for joining last week’s capital riots has been fired for self-defense.

Ashanti Smith, a black security guard, was a white mother named Thrace Duke after Duke tried to grab Smith’s phone.


Thagas Duke a Maga protest series: stabbed in the face while participating in FNTV


A video of Punch has gone viral online

Helena, the teenage daughter of the Duke, went viral after footage of a fight in DC went viral the day before Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building.

The tweet was captioned: “Hi Mom, I remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to the BLM protests because they could be violent. Is this you?”

According to the Daily Mail, Smith has now been fired from his job, although he insisted he was acting in self-defense.

Smith, who was seen wearing a mask and protective uniform, said he was on leave from work when he was confronted by a mob.


Ashanti Smith says he acted in self-defense when he hit Duke Credit: Facebook


Duke was embarrassed by his 18-year-old daughter Credit: Twitter


Smith alleges mob supporters harass him on FNTV

He said the crowd called him an N-word because he accused him of being a member of Antifa and repeatedly refused to leave him alone.

He has since started a GoFundMe page to help with legal fees, where he explains that he is not “aggressive” in the situation despite seeing some of the video footage.

“Looking at the video, I look aggressive, but it doesn’t show what happened before I defended myself,” Smith wrote.

“People shook me, tried to take my phone and keys, called me a racist culture and tried to remove my mask. Because of Kovid-19, I told them to stay away from social distance and personal space.


Duke’s teenage daughter says her mother claims she drove her aunt for treatment and instead goes to Trump rally Credit: FNTV

“They refused and I was afraid of being injured or harmed. I defended myself after being humiliated. In addition to being released from my employment for investigation, I now face criminal charges. ”

Smith set a goal of raising 85,000, which he had already exceeded.

As of Thursday night, the GoFundMe page has collected more than 7 187,000 in total.

In the second viral video of the fight, Duke is heard saying, “That girl punched me in the face. That black girl. ”

Duke’s 18-year-old daughter shared the clip on Twitter along with the caption: “Mom, I think you’re trying to say that the powerful black woman stabbed you for harassment …”

The teenager told the New York Post that her mother told her family she was going out of town for three months to take her aunt to medical fashion for a procedure, and instead went to protest Trump.


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In January, presidential supporters stormed the Capitol building as Congress signaled Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

Five people have since been killed in the violence and more than a hundred have been arrested.

The riot also led to the House accusing Trump for a second time, citing his role in inciting violence.