Black holes in epic light flares can explode

We know that black holes make everything that comes near them even lighter, which is why research is so complex. And dramatic things happen during two black hole collisions – these epic collisions not only shut off gravitational waves, but a new theo suggests that they can also explode with light.

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology using the Zuiki Transient Facility (ZTF) at the Palomar Observatory found a strange illumination from the supermassive black hole J1249 + 3449. They traced its origin to an area studied by the famous LIGO Observatory that traces gravitational waves from black hole collisions.

“This supermassive black hole has been shaking for years,” said Caltech’s astronomy research professor and ZTF project scientist. “The flame happened at the right time and in the right place to coincide with the gravitational-wave event. In our research, we have concluded that the flame is probably the result of the fusion of black holes, but we cannot completely rule out other possibilities.

The artist’s idea of ​​a supermassive black hole and the gas disc around it. Two small black holes embedded in this disk orbit each other. Caltech / r. Loss (IPAC)

To explain how two light-absorbing black holes could collide and one light could scatter, the researchers theorized that two merged black holes sat in a disk around a much larger black hole.

“Most galaxies have a supermassive black hole hidden in the center. It is surrounded by a swarm of stars and dead stars with black holes all around, “co-author K. E. Savik Ford explained in a statement.” But usually on the disc of a supermassive black hole, the flowing gas swarm converts the mosh pit into a classical minute, organizing the black holes so that they can pair up, ”he said.

Two black holes in this disk send a shockwave of energy through a cloud of gas.

This kind of event study can help scientists learn more about black holes of all sizes. “Supermassive black holes like this always teach. These are not quiet objects, but the time, size and location of this flame were spectacular. ”The reason for finding such a flame is so important that it helps a lot with astronomy and cosmological questions. If we could do it again and detect light from the confluence of other black holes, we could nail the homes of these black holes and learn more about their origins. “

The results were published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

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