“Big” Hulu asks if Catherine the Great would have sex with a horse,

Katherine did not fuck the Great Horse. This is the official position of Hulu’s great, sporting period, which fascinates Russia’s tallest woman when she first arrives in the country and engages in a love marriage with Emperor Peter III, their ugly relationship that sows the seeds for a fruitful kingdom.

The scandalous rumor of the empress’s sexual rape – that she is a nymphomaniac, a brother, an idol of bestiality – is close to urban legend as a grand scheme of 18th century aristocratic history. Do what you need to do, when she was introduced to one of the first and most notable female leaders to be present, rubbish rumors about her sex life that replaced her legacy.

I will leave it to the true scholars of history to explain the level of unfoundedness of this whisper. Needless to say, the idea that he and a few horses enjoyed a good roll of hay – plus the fact that he died as a result – is the wildest of them all.

Every day the beast is obsessed

In pop culture we can’t stop loving, hating and thinking this week.

Perhaps the rumors started by the enemies after his death still continue, because it is only pleasing. Katherine the Great Beat Horse! The funny thing is that it goes against the aesthetics of working and tying up with our association with this time – at least we thought about it in tenth grade European history lessons, and we saw it presented in pop culture.

How reasonable it is to accept this rumor for the price of a mouth – Pick-Brazen, has been chronologically hijacked, is clearly untrue – and it has become a principle of Catherine the Great’s biographical research, fresh, perhaps revolutionary, and perhaps realist daring. Great run in Hulu on Friday. Contrary to all my expectations from the show (10 hours of Russian history, it has no relevant context, sounds like an unfortunate slogan), it is complete joy.

The 10-episode series, written and co-written by Tony McNamara, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2019 based on the screenplay for “Favorite,” features a blunt triangle between the humorous compassionate Queen Anna (Olivia Coleman) and the two women in her intimate circle Rachel Weiss. And Emma Stone) spread the power – her “beaches”, like their Dr. with Coleman affection Kechilena – and sharp wit came to him in connection with the drowning of a particular desires.

It was dark and funny, wearing fissured lenses on kaleidoscopic studies of sex, gender and control in England in the early 18th century that seemed unrealistic as it seemed funny. Director George Lantimas became the perfect narrator of McNamara’s screenplay with his caring hands and naughty spirit.

Here’s what The Great looks like: Did you like all these vibrations in Priyote? Here it is again, but with Great Catherine. And in this first season, which only focuses on the first years of coming to power, it still has a lot of historical rules. So, selling is another matter: what if the crown is fun?

Great luxury. Production design top groove. Keats resets the jaw. Clothing will make you cry. The side is strong and lively. The mood is fair.

The last unexpected twist is the show’s secret sauce.

We first meet Katherine, played by Eli Fanning, confident as a desperate romantic that she will come to Russia, ignite the whole great love story with Peter (Nicholas Holt) and inspire them to connect with a healthy co-leader with all progressive ideas. With whom he was educated in Europe.

However, upon arrival, the girl learns that only a cashier is not expected for the graduate beneficiary, who needs an heir with a respectable offspring. (Cross, yes, but clap: it fits the show’s sharp dialogue perfectly))

The young wives felt for each other, beating Catherine, though frustrated, it was wise enough to determine how they could work in their effective order to facilitate public distance. She herself used her time to adhere to the principles she wanted, to make friends with loyal allies and to form coups against her husband.

Getting a job is not easy. The women in court despise him for considering his worries and cold. Inspired by this nasty fairy tale, the series is about women who have rumors that she has had sex with a horse. As they go, they miss the voice sounds on the hindquarters, tearing him apart and calling him a “fucking horse”. They know how long such rumors can last and how they can metastasize to the presumed truth. Guess they’re doing something …

Which makes Great Work his fancy practice in contrast.

There is almost sanctity of reverence for this period, with caution about detailed replicas of everything from palaces to wigs, which achieve spectacular effects. But there is also a disguised disrespect that encompasses the whole subject of chaotic humor, from the transition to modern conversation and discourse format.

The seller of “Big” means: “Did you like all the vibrations in” Favorite “? Here it is again, but with Great Catherine.”

The curiosity and circumstance of intricate clothing and decor creates the perfect sophistication for caps. The sensitive air that we have learned to feel is still there, as we speak of the earlier suffocation of emperors and kingdoms and pre-18th century rules, at least we remember it from textbooks.

Glamor and curiosity are inextricably linked. Whatever the perception of reality, you are tainted with insane violence, exposed to sport, elites who indulge in fame. And here we are in a series about the Empress, and not a minute goes by without someone talking about the shocking scale of sex.

To this end, the Great Fugitive Star Hole is somehow as Peter-like and destructive to the point of being inaccessible. He walks, talks, fucks constantly and makes her even more intolerant of his relentless alcohol intoxication. It is a joy.

Katherine Fanning hurried away from Ethereal in an attempt to rise above him, in anticipation of more holiness than you, and was severely wounded until she broke herself a little, and came out of her gentle, intense. In most of his projects, Fanning seems to act in a live Manila folder – not always the most striking appearance, but does the job of putting things together. However it is the most magnetic and cody here whether it is in the direction of matter, mature or smooth.

The most interesting thing about Great is that usually the costume dramas similar to this signal are something important, the goal of which turns into the next great masterpiece or something. All of these extremely frustrating meanings aren’t so disrespectful to this series that it doesn’t seem like a goal.

Great encouragement gives high production quality as well as talent created and taken care of its creation. But even this honorable title seems to be a farce in all of it. It’s not a big TV show today, but something pleasant, provocative and so on. Katherine is absolutely gorgeous.

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