Big Ed has received backhand praise, calling Rose a scammer

Big Ed Brown saw his own footage of the 90-day engagement: B90 Strikes Back. Peak Credit: TLC

The B90 Strikes Back has quickly become a successful 90-day fiance spin-off, with millions of TLC viewers tuned in for the first episode last week.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with members casting to watch and respond to the show’s final season 4 days before the 90-day engagement. The self-camera footage elicited feedback from fans on social media.

The B90 Strikes Back has become a way for TLC to present a different perspective on how things went downhill for couples in a highly spectacular season 90 days ago.

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During the first episode, Big Ed Brown further explained why he used mayonnaise in his hair, Avery Warner reacted to fans who thought he was crazy, and Eolanda Leak addressed fans who clearly thought he was being scammed by Williams.

Ahead of a new episode of the show airing on June 29, TLC has released a fun clip for the 90-day engagement: B90 Strike Back which is shared below.

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B90 back injury: great expectations

The new clip will start with Big Ed at the airport for a trip to the Philippines. This is the first time he can meet Rose Vega in person and it means he will be shown the footage again.

Kalani and Asuelu from Pilo Talk quickly appeared in the clip to be part of her outfit on this tour to mention the leggings she has fixed.

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Big Ed then sees a tweet from a 90-day fiance fan who – without approving of Ed’s clothing choices – wants Ed to succeed in his mission to find love.

Ed seems pretty happy to read, “Oh my God can we just hang up the phone?” This is one of my first positive comments in a long time. He is not wrong

After the clip, Rose read a comment from a 90-day-old fianc তাকে fan who called her a “foreign scammer,” saying Ed was seen talking to his daughter before making the long journey to the Philippines. Spoiler alert: Rose is not satisfied with reading these words.

B90 Strikes Back: Episode 2 Highlights

In addition to stories about Ed and Rose, TLC has advertised that Darcy Silva and Tom Brooks are back to respond to fans, Avery will see new footage with her mother, talk more about Yolanda Williams, and Ash Naik will “set the record straight.” “

There is still plenty of room to cover the season at BC9 Strikes Back and the fun is just beginning. Make sure to tune in every Monday before the new episode of The 90-Day Engagement: Other Ways to Find Out What the Actor Says Next!

90 Day Engagement: B90 strikes back at TMC on Monday at 8 / 7c.

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