Biden to Muslim voters: I want schools to teach more about Islam

Joe Biden told Muslim voters attending Monday’s “Million Muslim Vote” summit that he wanted schools in the United States to teach more about the Islamic faith.

“I hope we talk about all the big confessional beliefs,” Biden said during a conference hosted by the country’s largest Muslim-American PAC, MJJ Action. “This is a great acknowledgment.”

The PAC approved Biden’s support in April after Sen. Barney Sanders first approved IVT’s candidacy.

Biden added that he would lift President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslim-majority countries on the first day of his presidency, blaming him for “undeniable rise in Islamophobia.”

Also, the former vice president said he would “not write love letters to dictators”, would challenge the rights of both Palestinians and Israelis, and would work to meet the moral demands of the humanitarian crisis. Syria, Yemen and Gaza. ”

Monday rap. A number of Muslim American officials, including Ilhan Omar, D-Min., Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, Rep. Andre Carson, D-Indy, signed a letter in support of Biden on Monday, saying their “first goal is to remove Donald Trump from office and Replacing him with someone who can start healing our nation. ”

Citing racial inequality, affordable healthcare, climate change and immigration, the letter added, “A Biden administration will take the nation forward by considering many of our issues.” “

Other recent Democrat leaders, including 2016 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, stayed away from the embezzlement, while Clinton did not attend any of their events while running. The Washington Post reported that Obama was “cautious” about taking part, considering conventional conspiracy theories about his beliefs.

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