/Bethany Frankel reveals surprisingly small amounts that she was given in Arhoney’s first season

Bethany Frankel reveals surprisingly small amounts that she was given in Arhoney’s first season

In a recent interview on the Tamron Hall show, New York star Bethany Frankel revealed to former Real Housewives that she was paid an astonishing amount for her first season of Ronnie in 2006. Peak Credit: Gallery / Apics

Former Real Housewives star New York star Bethany Frankel has revealed how much she was paid to sign up for the show in 2007.

A longtime fan favorite of the Bethany franchise. This title and the following also brought more money for one’s mother and she was able to start her own Skinigirl brand and work on her philanthropic endeavors.

During an interview on the show at Tamron Hall, Bethany revealed that she received much less than her current salary.

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Bethany admits that she prioritizes her personal life

Tamron and Bethany began their interview by discussing Bethany’s ability to refuse a huge deal that could have cost her millions of dollars. According to Bethany it may not be all about money.

“Decision making is really important,” Bethany shared. “You have to take it in your gut. Not your head, not your heart. You make a decision, you make it work, you find a way to make it work, and you keep going. “

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However, he warned, you can’t say yes to every opportunity you have in your lap.

“However, you cannot say yes to everything. So, I want less buckets really full and then, then multiple buckets half full because time is the most valuable product.

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He continued to explain, rejecting the “opportunity of many, many millions of dollars” to prioritize his personal time.

Bethany said she did not join Ronnie for this money

“It wasn’t really enjoyable to do a show like I did before (RHONY). Not where I wanted to be and how it affected other areas of my life, just not feeling good about myself, ”Bethany said.

Tamron asked about his experience with housewives’ suffrage.

“For you, it’s interesting with the right to vote for real housewives. There is a lot of talk about who makes what, and all women. You claimed, because changes in your first contract change when you know your own value. Tamron opens, now you’re here, this is your first shoot, and when you look at the contract, the company thought they had a profit.

When Bethany opened up about her experience, she clearly praised Tamron’s question.

“Yes. When I signed the housewife, the contract said seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars for the whole season,” Bethany responded.

“I didn’t look at money because you can’t always look at money. You have to see the big picture, other opportunities. You have to look at the whole board, not just the pieces. And the meaning was (sic) just piece. But I knew I could have some good ideas and I wanted to keep some things that made my mind feel the way I did because of my intellectual property, I didn’t focus on money then. “

Instead, Bethany says she concentrates on her ideas for the future and makes sure any ideas come true during her show.

“I focused on what I could think of and how I could run my business. And no one has ever done that before. “Now there’s a trend in the entertainment industry called Bethany Clause which means if you go to a reality show, the network takes a part in your future business,” he said.

Bethany later revealed that she was the highest paid housewife towards the end of her housewife career, and when she finally decided to step down from the franchise in 2019, she made the decision because she realized it was no longer appropriate for her.

“People thought I was leaving because I wasn’t getting much money. And I was leaving because I was staying because of the money. There is nothing worse than having the wrong reason, ”he said.

New York’s Real Housewives is currently on a break from Bravo.

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