Best TV Show of 2020, 50-41: Dracula, Inside No. 9 and more

It won’t make it to the top of anyone’s list of favorites of the year, but don’t be discouraged when it comes to providing flashy television in 2020 – from eye-opening documentaries to side-splitting sitcoms and mind-blowing dramas, we’d all rather forget about TV shows. Can’t wait to see.

For the next five days, Our editorial team will publish the top 50 shows of the year as selected. Today (December 2nd), we started the journey with 50-41 – expect scandal, horror, thrill and even some emotional comedy actress. Don’t forget to join us again throughout next year and week as we publish our full list, the show which is not this year’s enthusiastic number including 1 spot.

50. The trial of Christine Killer

Available for purchase on BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and Amazon

The six-part play, starring Sophie Coxon and James Norton, depicts a story that captivated Britain for new audiences in the 1960s, as the corrupt promo event unfolded. Focusing on the young English model Christine Killer (Cookson), this interesting show explores her relationship with the then Secretary of State for War of John Proforma and a national scandal that contributed to the fall of the government.

Set against the backdrop of Cold War espionage and espionage, Amanda Coye’s great script highlights the plight of a killer trapped in the center of a media storm when a male-dominated political class looks to defend their own interests. Tim Glanfield, editorial director

49. No. 9 inside

Available on BBC iPlayer and Sky Go

The offbeat anthropology series by Steve Pemberton and Reese Shearsmith began in February of this year, with a twist of interesting guest stars including David Morrisy, Jenna Coleman and Maxine Pique, offering a sexually explicit story with a slightly seductive story.

Whether you dominate the football-themed referee story, levels upon levels of battle between magicians, or just a sweet kitchen-sink drama’s upcoming calendar framing device, there was something for everyone in this latest story collection – although his fans did a special treat to the previous series Psychoville. Was for.

There are five series and we are still desperate to see what’s inside No. 9. – Hugh Fullerton, sci-fi and fantasy editor

48. Pale horse

Mammoth Screen 2019 / Ben Blackall

Available to buy on Amazon

With no one calling to the audience since 2015 and beyond, author Sarah Phelps continues to be lively, capturing the original stories of the no-hold-barrier Agatha Christie that draws the soul if not the letter of the source material and does so brilliantly in style, telling us about the duration of the process. Sinks in guesswork and misconceptions. (Yes, people had sex and swore in the early 1960s))

In his latest (and possibly last) presentation, a new screen version of the 1961 novel The Pale Horse explores the idea of ​​’Britishness’ once again hiding a horrific barbarism, including blood, gender, and good behavior and social charity covering a strong underworld. There are with lies.

Led by a gorgeous Rufus Sewell and Kaya Scodillario top flight cast, the British guys were making this rush spell with horrific trappings – there was no apprehension. If Pelli Horse is to be Phelps’ last advocate in the world of Christ – and I sincerely hope it isn’t – then it’s a fitting note that goes beyond that. – Morgan Jeffery, Executive Editor

47. The rise of the Murdoch dynasty

Getty Images

Exploring the rise of Rupert Murdoch’s extraordinary and far-reaching media empire and the political implications that came with it, this BBC wonderful three-part documentary features several famous voices, including Nigel Farage, Pierce Morgan and Steve Bannon, to name a few.

The interesting series is not only published by Murdoch himself, but also by the publications and media outlets he controls, and the ups and downs of his business over the years – and questions about who will succeed in his and his business empire in the future. Tim Glanfield, editorial director

46. ​​Ted Lasso


Available on Apple TV +

When Apple TV + 201 released itself in the streaming market in late 2019, it started unfinished, with the series ranging from divisive (The Morning Show) to unreal (see) completely forgetful (for all mankind). This year, although the service has been seen in more steady steps, first the hard crime drama was with defending Jacob and then the feel-good joke with Ted Lasso.

A perfect antidote to a rotten year, this Jason Sudikis vehicle quickly misrepresented the camouflage – many asked, perhaps fairly, whether a character originally made for Sudikis for a series of NBC sports skits could carry a series – with his warmth, winning humor and relentlessness. . After all, you don’t even have to be a football fan to enjoy it. – Morgan Jeffery, Executive Editor

45. Raised by the wolf


Now available on TV and Sky Go

The Ridley Scott-produced executive (also held by acclaimed filmmakers through the first two episodes) centers on the story of two Android HBO sci-fi centers that started raising human children on a remote planet after being wiped out after a great war outside of Earth. However, very quickly the rational ways of Androids are challenged by the strong beliefs and religious differences that exist among the rest of mankind – making the task of continuity of human life a much more complex challenge than the first thought.

A complex adventure that keeps viewers busy, the show is what you might expect from a network that has shot you beautifully into Westward and Game of Thrones and brought you into its magical universe. – Tim Glanfield, editorial director

44. Charlie Broker’s Antiviral Wipe

Four years after our screening, Charlie Broker mocked the horrific year in 2020 on his antiviral wipe – a special expectation to see the coverage of the coronavirus epidemic back.

With the presence of Diane Morgan’s brilliant intelligent personalities Philomena Kank and Al Campbell’s Barry Shitpias, the broker brought back several of the BBC2 series and directed his trademark brand to today’s politicians with sarcasm, sarcasm and indifference. The idea of ​​reviving this sad year is enough to make you swear to make TV better, a cathartic look at Charlie Broker’s antiviral wipe epidemic and a much needed tonic for this chaotic time. – Lauren Morris, author-researcher

43. Dracula

Available on Netflix, Sky Go and BBC iPlayer

The vampire vampire makes cities awe-inspiring in the epoch, not immediately jumping up as a cherished way to start a year, but when that year is 2020 and the story is Dracula, it fits. Written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatis, Claus Bang took the lead role as the infamous handsome and captivating vampire of this remake (with no doubtful intent) – the result was a match made in heaven (or rather, hell).

Quick, fast-paced and truly terrifying, Dracula of 2020 offered us three episodes each with a different setting and set about refreshing the story of the classic Bram Stoker. Sure, we’ve seen Whitby, but it’s Whitby the current time. That was not the only change ছিলেন it was Van Helsing Nunn! Dracula was a phone! In almost every case of a horror story the modern spin provided a new perspective on a well-known story and it was really effective. – Assistant Editor Helen Daly

42. What we do in the shadows


Available on BBC iPlayer and Sky Go

All I really need is two words – Jackie Daytona – with about 100 words to describe why we do the best TV show in the Shadows of 2020.

Yes, Matt Berry’s regular human bartender and the average American Yankee doodle dandy vampire houseshare was a real highlight of the sitcom, giving us a guest role in the rise of Mark Hamil, a zombie Haley Joel Osment and Guillermo Vampire Slayer.

It was a bright, fun return to Staten Island – and we’ve come a year later, who wouldn’t love to visit Lucky Brew’s Bar and Grill in Arizona? – Hugh Fullerton, sci-fi and fantasy editor

41. Ozark

Available on Netflix

One of Netflix’s standout real-life dramas over the past few years, Ozark has aptly won over a world army of fans for his sense of humor and interesting story, and the show went from strength to strength as the third season of summer approached, with both local and far-flung enemies close Bird turns the screw in the family’s efforts to save their new life in Missouri as it begins to happen.

Jason Batman continues unabated to pull his character further into the dark underworld of another Mexican drug cartel, but the journey in this Wendy character of Lander Lynn that really shined this season because of the conspiracy layers due to the Oscarus conspiracy. – Tim Glanfield, editorial director

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