/Best new launches from Sonos, Sony and many more

Best new launches from Sonos, Sony and many more

The new kids on the block will help you navigate our favorite brands and all the new and exciting launches in one place.

Sonos arc word string: The new Sonos technology is the evolution of the sound on your TV. It has Dolby Atoms and voice control via Alexa or Google Home. Triple technology recognizes the layout and sound of your room to provide subtle melodic sounds.

Really wireless headphones for sports from Sony: Yes, you read that right. These water and sweat resistant headphones have been activated just like you. They have a battery life of nine years (or with 13 listening cancellations) and an additional 13 hours of charging. These are made with the help of triangular curved designs to fit your ears perfectly, even when you are going.

Omsom: To build a house from Southeast Asia it is usually necessary to empty the spice cabinets but here Ossam will help. They collect packages of spices and marinades to help you create classic dishes like barbecue and barbecue in your home. All you have to do is eat meat.

San De Janeiro Suncare: The brand, which is the favorite cult cream left behind, only introduces sun rays in the summer. My Soul Stick is designed for more delicate areas such as lips, nose, arms, swimsuit edges and tattoos. The Left Soul Oil SPF 30 is a full, nourishing oil and a touch of enlightenment.

Daily crossword “Beast”: As an interested crossword puzzle leader, the only thing I’m working on is that the site has now launched its own to entertain us. Every day is a new puzzle that can pull from politics to the latest news in pop culture. This means that you are already ahead as a reader of the Daily Beast.

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