/Best friend who told people to “relax and have a beer” gets a phone call from Brad Paisel

Best friend who told people to “relax and have a beer” gets a phone call from Brad Paisel

Pittsford, NY (WROC) – It was a simple offer: “Black or white, relax and beer.” “Best friends Benjamin Smith and Marcos Ellis stood in their way, hoping people would stop.” It turns out they took a lot more than that: a digital visit to country star Brad Paisley.

Their simple message and a powerful image of a white and black man crushing a bottle and sharing a beer, spread like wildfire on social media. Thousands of responses and notifications followed across the country:

“It’s crazy,” Smith shouted. “It’s a great feeling to be able to make such a big impact on the whole community and what it feels like in America.”

And in his Robin as Batman:

“It’s great,” Ellis said. “It looks great.”

Today, I had the opportunity to cover two great people, Benjamin Smith and Marcus Ellis. These two best friends have set up camp at Jeff’s Pittsford home in Smith. The road says “black or white, relax and have a beer”. #RC7news_8 pic.twitter.com/N5fP2qtxWH

– Dan Gross (@DJG_Music) June 3, 2020

Following the discovery of the news that singer Brad Paisley had spread to the United States, he gathered the whole base of his fans and News8, and friends got a message after asking about the two best friends for Brad Paisley.

The zoom call rang at 7 p.m. Saturday, mourning best friend.

This is surreal. Remember Benjamin Smith and Marcus Ellis? Two best friends who offered: “Black or white, relax and have a beer”?

Okay, they got a surprise today from Redbreadpace, who wanted to take their offer. #ROC @ news_8 pic.twitter.com/hOCJvcNzZo

– Dan Gross (@DJG_Music) June 7, 2020

“People, I’m so excited to meet you,” Paisley said. “I was inspired by you and we thought we should have more beer than you drink … it will be a popular destination on this street.”

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars of beer were sent directly to their homes just hours before the zoom call. Paisley bought the entire AJ beer warehouse in Henrietta.

Synchronization couldn’t have been better for Paisley, who just released a new song called “No” and “Beer” and collaborated with Bud Light – the same beer that Smith and Alice shared in our original story – to release a limited edition beer. The label is marked “Bud Lght”.

Paisley posed with a limited edition beer bottle

He even met his small but enthusiastic audience on the live broadcast of “Not Small” I “In Bear”. The local star Mega was even hung up as a party block for the next half hour.

“Love and alcohol, these two things go together,” Paisley said.

I can’t say how many celebrities I’ve met, but I was on the floor with what the world was like on that Bradpaiselle. Connected to Ben and Marcus, answered the question of indifferent music and took another half hour to get out with everyone at the party across the zoom. #RC7news_8 pic.twitter.com/stOIwTpTih

– Dan Gross (@DJG_Music) June 7, 2020

The beer and companionship may be admirable right now but Paisley and the two friends never forgot the true heart of this message.

“I try to listen to my friends in the black community, you do it. Together, the same thing, “said Pasley.

Pisley joked, “I’ve been in all ears, I’ve always been, I’ve had big ears all my life.”

“It means the earth, from space and from behind, it means a lot more,” Ellis said.

“Through the riots and protests I felt like I was falling apart and it was fair,” Smith said with tears in his eyes. “And it creates backups.”

My favorite part of this story is seeing these two truly love each other. Ben almost screamed at how annoyed the protesters were and his friend Marcos held him tight. #RC7news_8 pic.twitter.com/hbFltloSzh

– Dan Gross (@DJG_Music) June 7, 2020

You can read the full original story here.

The two have known each other for years. They came together to build a mobile phone tower. They have very different backgrounds – Smith served in the Marine Corps, Alice came from Long Island – but they have been best friends ever since.

“This is my Robin,” Alice said. “Batman and Robin, that’s exactly what they are. I think we’re just stupid, stupid and having fun playing, I don’t care what people say. “

Near the Clover and Jefferson junction, you can find them on West Jefferson Road. If you want to take them, they are very close to the Locust Hill Golf Club.

You can see the full zoom of Paisley with Smith and Alice here