Best Documentary on Netflix Now (September 2020)

Killer and Conversation with the Killer: Ted Bandi Tapes. Peak Credit: Netflix

From time to time, some people’s lives have been lived with the same fascination as other stories.

The Netflix platform takes full advantage of this event, including several captivating documentaries and document-series.

From the criminal justice system and all its flaws to comments on today’s social issues, Netflix has something to say about it.

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That said, for anyone who wants to see life from another person’s perspective, Netflix Documentary is the right way to go.

The great thing about all Netflix documentaries is that there is something for everyone. The hard part about all of Netflix’s documentaries is that there are so many options.

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Monsters and Critics have come up with the following list for viewers who don’t know where to start.

Netflix now has 15 of the best documentaries to stream.

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Updated 4 September: Removes several movies and TV shows from Netflix streaming service each month. As a result, we will come every month, and change. We will remove documentaries that no longer serve and replace them with more current additions.

We will also keep an eye out for new releases that may surpass those on the list. Be sure to bookmark this page for new releases.

After watching this list of shows here are some new additions to the streaming library: Operation Ach, Connected, Litter Pick, World’s Most Wanted, Nasha Natasha, Stars in the Sky, Tony Creatures, (Ann) Good, High Score, John Alien, Rising Phoenix, IM A Killer, Chef’s Table: Trying to wait for the classics of BBQ, Superman, The Social Dilemma and Cold Case Files.

Immigration Nation

Kyle, a Border Patrol officer with an unnamed immigrant from Immigration Nation. Peak Credit: Netflix

Immigration Nation is a new Netflix documentary that brings to the fore the plight of illegal aliens.

What makes this documentary interesting is that allowing law enforcement officers to stay on their own is not a good thing. These officials insult immigrants and call those who never break the law “as a loss of bail.”

The documentary also sees danger as the migrants try to escape from the countries they came from and arrive safely to stay safe.

There are even people who fought for America in the military who were expelled from the country. It is a polarizing documentary that is one of the most popular places in today’s society.

The devil is the next door

(Embed) (/ embed)

The idea of ​​one person escaping a heinous crime against the whole group is widely regarded as trivial. But what if the culprit was actually innocent?

There is probably no better known crime against humanity than the crime committed during the Holocaust of Evan the Terriers, who also empowered anyone who was waiting for his authority to strike.

Netflix’s must-watch The Devil Next Door, considering that Evan the Terriers actually convinced the Nazis that he was. In fact, The Devil Next Door lets viewers debate the idea throughout the entire series.

Do not f ** k with cats

Denna Thompson (Baudi Movan) from Donna F ** K with Cats. Peak Credit: Netflix

Trigger alert. Fans of true crime know that there are some “sacrifices” that prove that anyone can be a serial killer. Netflix’s original “Donna F ** k with cats” is a wild perception of this phenomenon.

Viewers who love animals can have a hard time watching this show.

It says a young man portrayed as torturing and killing cats has pleaded guilty to a more serious crime: the murder of another man after internet fighters helped him find out.

Don’t prove to f ** c with cats that online investigators can sometimes just go behind the keyboard and make a difference.

Abducted in simple sights

(Embed) (/ embed)

If watching a documentary makes the angry viewer have an idea about the fun time, the kidnapping strategy on the plain side will do.

The story centers on a family who became close friends with a man named Robert Birchtold. She had abducted Jan Berberg Felt twice, not once as a girl – her parents had just tried to save her because of their own misconceptions about Birchtold.

This story will appeal to the victim in a partial, mesmerizing way but it will probably also want the audience to tear their hair.


Promotional art for the 13th documentary film. Peak Credit: Netflix

Perhaps the most timely documentary of all the picks on this list is Ava Duvern’s powerful exploration of the prison system and how it was created as a tool for systemic racism through the Thirteenth Amendment.

The documentary dives deeply into the historical historical patterns of the revision with rich speeches. Past presidents like Bill Clinton and the policies he held in office for eight years are part of this story.

Given the current political landscape, the 13th is the necessary approach to expand their own ideas of how their policies are capable of influencing racism.

Canaan without borders

Canaan O’Brien embraces a stranger in Mexico without a Mexican border. Peak Credit: TBS

While most of the picks were pretty deadly, the monsters and critics decided to throw in a bit of a joke mix.

Canaan Without Borders includes parts of the same name from Canaan O’Brien’s show on TBS, giving them all a place to watch and appreciate.

The comedy late-night talk show personality travels around the world, giving his viewers a piece of life in every country. While giving a smile, he shared the beauty of each unique culture and environment.

Unsolved mystery

(Embed) (/ embed)

As discussed in the previous list, the unsolved mystery is back – and the show was just as cool as the 1990s.

The format has changed a bit. Netflix Rimamp focuses on one documented case per episode instead of one episode to cover countless unresolved cases.

The latest episodes have a tendency to be absolutely gripping, but will never happen again without the legendary Robert Stack as the unsolved mystery host. Still, the new method offers one thrilling experience after another

Conversation with a killer: Ted Bandi tapes

Old photos of Ted Bandi from a conversation with a murderer. Peak Credit: Netflix

It may seem strange to some that society is obsessed with serial killers and completely fascinated with sociopaths.

No man like Ted Bundy has been so attractive.

Conversation series with a murderer: Take a look at the extended interview that Ted Bandi Tapes had with him while he was in prison.

The creepiest aspect of this Netflix offer is its charming nature. Netflix documentaries do justice to how charismatic this wicked man really was.

Kelly’s survival

Survival and Kelly to Dria Kelly. Peak Credit: Lifetime

By now, most people in the world know about Kelly’s legal troubles.

His career was probably never again, thanks in large part to the opening documentary Survival of the Eye and Kelly, which was originally aired in Lifetime.

While some may be hesitant to embark on Robert Kelly’s troublesome career, others may find it an important experience for people who are not aware of the grooming techniques employed by hunters.

Just for this, Survival and Kelly is a documentary to watch for any defensive parent.

13’s fear

(Embed) (/ embed)

13’s Fear is not a conventional documentary.

Where most of the interviews and locations come from, The Fear of 13 focuses on one person when he describes his decades of imprisonment.

The stories told by Nick Yaris are emotional, interesting and, at the end of the story, inspiring.

This is the perfect documentary after re-sending The Shaoshank Redemption. Just like that movie classic, Yaris’ overall message is one of hope.

American factory

Kurt McDevitt and Jingming Zhang from American Factory. Peak Credit: Steven Bogner / Netflix

Lately, it seems that the United States is embroiled in a war of affectionate culture, with all parties trying to understand others. That being said, sometimes a documentary comes along and shows a struggle on a microscopic level.

This is also the case with American factories.

The Academy Award-winning documentary tells the story of Fuyao, a Chinese company that operates at an old General Motors plant. The results show how Central American workers needed to come together with Chinese workers to prove their livelihood needs.

Amidst the conflict, communication concerns, and cultural differences, the American Factory has a strong focus on how we all ultimately want the same thing.

Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

(Embed) (/ embed)

This pick is not for the faint of heart.

Like the abduction on the plain side, The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez will prepare viewers to throw something at their television.

Because? The main reason is that it is audible to hear about the brutal torture of a child in a murder case. And to make matters worse, the documentary has all the things that could have prevented the event from ever happening.

The series is tough but it’s a much-needed reminder of how our leadership can break under the wrong leadership – and how children can suffer as a result.

Home game

Two wrestlers compete in catch fatch, also known as voodoo wrestling in the home game. Peak Credit: Netflix

Home games are a rather interesting pick because it dives into the world of sports. In particular, sports events that are unique or in nature

As our review says, some are not as vague as the Highland Games. But others are extremely interesting.

For example, a game like this follows the same rules as football but on horses and the ball is a dead goat. Yes, a dead goat.

As for the documentaries, Home Games is a successful series that expands our own outside worldview.

Wild wild country

Lord Rajneesh from the wild wild country. Peak Credit: Netflix

Wild Wild Country is one of the most incredible documents to hit Netflix.

This is mainly because the documentary tells the story of an extraordinary event in history, which is very hard to believe that never happened. When the program is over, viewers will ask themselves, “Why didn’t I hear about it?”

The documents tell the story of a cult created by Guru Osho that gained a greater following. In fact, many people became part of the community that tried to form their own city / state. There was a big debate with the locals surrounding their community.

It’s truly a wild, wild experience.

To kill

From Steven Avery Maker A Morderer. Peak Credit: Netflix

Making Netflix has more compelling documentaries than Murder. The American judiciary is becoming increasingly concerned that its people could be so easily deprived of such perfect possibilities.

Even more frightening is the idea that since we, the people, can be held accountable to the judiciary, all viewers of popular programs can easily convict an innocent person of a heinous crime.

Anyone interested in the flaws of the judiciary who suspects a believer to be “innocent until convicted” claims that killing someone is a must.

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