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When it comes to stress relief, your options are limited while you are at home. You can burn incense, light a candle, or use a massager, but what about some extra relief? Here comes the massage mattress. These mats are made with thousands of plastic spikes that provide natural anesthesia, can be obtained with acupuncture without all the needles. Just lie down for 10-20 minutes to release the tense muscles and relieve tension. You probably read it and died on the table. Instead of booking a spa treatment whenever you can go real, try one of these best-selling stress masks.

Prosourcefit a set of pillows and cushions

Available May 23

This compact kit is made based on dense cotton and foam plants. It has a 2610 point pressure on the mat as well as an additional 1,782 pressure on the pillow.

NAYOYA compresses and a set of pillows for the neck

Save this mat easily and thanks for the carrying case that includes the pillow. , It can be folded for travel.

Sivan back and neck analgesic mat and pillow

This option is a bit longer than your regular mat. Which is great for some of us who have some extra inches. All spikes are made of non-toxic plastic.

Large massage kit for massage and pillow

This kit not only comes with a portable case, but also includes a reusable hot / cold bag that needs to be worn on the head for extra relaxation.

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