Best Big Hit PS4 games that are now $ 20: low

At the time of writing, we are all going through a health epidemic. It forces us to stay inside, to stay out, to gather in public places, to chase after us, to find something to fight boredom. As a result, you can finally return to the game board you never got to play.

If you don’t have a backup, check out these games below, which are currently available for $ 20 via the official PlayStation Store. Of course, if you slip on this list later when the world hopes to return to normal, you can still find some great games to enjoy cheaply. Please note that these games are not classified in any particular way, but they are just ten big hits that are not generally available than when you first hit the market.

# 10 The latter disappeared and was transformed [/ embed]

PS Store $ 19.99

The latter was so popular with us that the video game was quickly restarted from its PlayStation 4 release for PlayStation 4. In this apocalyptic world, the government, which is in turmoil after being infected, is rapidly spreading into zombie-like creatures և there are several different factions that are divided into potentially hostile groups.

Players take on the role of a man named Joel, who in fact becomes lonely after the world has fallen apart, accepting strange deeds in order to keep them alive. However, a new case arises, which puts Joel against serious disagreements, as he sets himself the task of helping a young teenage girl travel around the country. It’s a story full of ups and downs, and as soon as you’re done, you’ll want to get your hands on a copy of “The Last About Us Part 2”.

God of War # 9 [/ embed]

PS Store $ 19.99

God of War was a favorite privilege for several different Sony platforms. During the debut of PlayStation 2, the franchise continued to find credit in PlayStation 3 and even in PlayStation Portable. Fans cannot be satisfied with the beast that kills God, known as Kratos. Out of utter anger and hatred, Cratus has the bones to choose with the Greek gods, which has left him in a huge epic journey that seems to have ended with the God of the Third World War.

However, a few years later, we got a soft upgrade with God of War on PlayStation 4. This game is set a few years after God of War 3, where Kratos has a new family. The game begins where Kratos’ significant other has died, leaving Kratos to upgrade his child’s demonstration skills and attributes to help him survive in the world. However, the gods of Norway soon learned that a foreigner lived among them, which could make his son much more difficult.

# 8 Horizon: zero dawn [/ embed]

PS Store $ 19.99

After releasing the Killzone series, Guerrilla Games decided to try a brand new IP with the release of Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017. In this game, players will be alive after the apocalypse and the fall of humanity. What is left of the sometimes thriving cities is decay, overcrowded nature, and a new race for supremacy, which is what these massive cars keep like animals. The remnants of the people are scattered among the tribes with their new traditions and rituals.

You will play the role of Alyo, a young woman who was exiled as a newborn baby. Staying away from Trib’s existence, Aloe managed to survive thanks to a man who had a baby, but now it’s time for the young woman to use her skills, which she was taught to return to the race after being tested. Still, it’s a difficult journey, but Aloy was looking forward to knowing the reason she was exiled when she was just a child.

# 7 undeclared 4: [/ embed]

PS Store $ 19.99

The Uncharted patent has been popular since Naughty Dog delivered the first installment of PlayStation 3. One adventure in a great story, in search of historical treasure, answers conspiracy theories, and finally a struggle against supernatural enemies. It’s a privilege that many have found to be like a blockbuster movie. The naughty dog ​​in his video games with a detailed level of detail, these titles continue to find fans for years to come. Although PlayStation 4 has an upgraded collection, we’re down to the fourth major product that completes Nathan Drake’s journey. Everything ends in this last chapter, which creates a story and a game experience.

# 6 Person 5: [/ embed]

PS Store $ 19.99

Persona 5 takes place in modern Tokyo, followed by the main character, who moves to an academy known as Shuji. Soon after the school year, the protagonist, like a number of other students, wakes up with a unique ability to study Metaverse. The “Parsona” series finds it difficult to collect followers for every issue, and this is the most important thing, you definitely don’t want to miss all the fun. If there’s a better version out there for the platform, if you just haven’t had a chance to try this game when it was first released, we suggest you take the original game right now.

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