Best AT&T Phone Deals for January 2021

Whether you’re already an AT&T customer or you want to switch service providers, this carrier often has some of the best smartphone deals and sign-up offers – especially the flagship 12, like the newly released (which is expensive) iPhone 12. The whole catalog may take a little while but to help you, we’ve already done the legwork to remove all the best AT&T phone deals available this month and keep them in one place. If it’s time for a new phone and / or service plan, read on and get ready for a big save:

Today’s best AT&T phone deal

How to choose the new phone

Shopping for a new smartphone can be exciting (especially if you’ve enjoyed the feeling of a new phone in your hand for a while now), but given the number of devices and brands on the market in 2020, it can change quickly. It’s a headache if you try a new mobile handset. Doing so but suffering from a paralyzed state of decision making yourself, but needs to shrink a bit. The first step is deciding how much you are willing to spend.

Smartphones run the gamut from super-cheap no-frills devices to cutting-edge handsets with super-high-resolution displays, advanced camera modules and 5G network connections. If you are on a very tight budget, these AT&T phone deals, even if you want to opt for something old like the 2016 iPhone SE, you can get a free device with a definite unlimited plan. If you can’t score a discount, that’s it.

Next, determine which software ecosystem you want. If you’ve already set your heart on iOS, it lowers things. Of course, there is only one company that makes iPhones – Apple. But if you prefer Android, you’ve got several more options: LG, Google and Samsung are the biggest manufacturers to remember (although we’d be pleased if we failed to mention the numerous “flagship options” brands) Motorola, OnePlus and TCL Like, just write a few names). There are so many similarities between Android and iOS 2020 that your choice will probably be used by most people in your social circles and other devices like your own like iPad.

Using the same OS as your friends and family means you can enjoy the generality of the app (for example, iPhone users can take advantage of all the features of Images and FaceTime). If your social network is equally divided between iOS and Android users, choose only the ones you personally like; If you really don’t have any choice here, you can only get the spring for the best phone that matches your budget. Chances are it will be an Android device because these are the best quality overall. That said, new devices like the ATM Phone Deal and the 2020 iPhone AC also offer a lot of value for iOS fans on a budget.

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