Bertie County tornado victims, 5 mothers recover

Williamston, NC. (WNCT) – “I have to go for the kids because if I stop, I know they’re going to stop,” Kayrata Ryan said.

Ryan has been trying to stay strong for his family for weeks after losing everything.

“It was a bit stressful because my mind just kept trying to find us somewhere to go,” he said.

Ryan lost his childhood home and invaluable property after being hit by a tornado near Windsor last month.

“It’s stressful because there aren’t many places in our area that are good enough for me and my family.”

Ryan and his children have been living in hotels since the tornado. Things got chaotic as they tried to recover and find normalcy at the beginning of the school year.

“The first couple we visited the hotels for the kids to start school were not so good at the time as they were having trouble logging in to start school but we found that the school helped us with packets,” Ryan said.

Roy’s family has received help from neighbors and strangers.

“It’s amazing and it continues and I can’t thank everyone enough but I’m very grateful and so thankful,” he said.

Ryan is hopeful that he and his five children will get a new home soon.

Ryan said, “Hopefully we’ll be back home soon.

Bertie County is working to relocate tornado victims to temporary housing.

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