Bell: Nancy supports Kenny, asking Calgary to do more in the COVID-19 fight

That’s exactly what you want to hear after getting kicked.

The next day Premier Jason Kane’s government gave Calgary eleven hours out of the full-meal deal with the completion of the first meal of Stage 1 at Seaweed-19, which was supposed to be locked.

Mayor Nahid agreed with Nancy Kenny. There are no restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops or haircuts for Calgary citizens. Not yet.

Our COVID-19 case is smaller but larger than anywhere else in Albert so we designed the short straw.

Nengshi says Kenny took the right steps.

You often want to get snapshots of the mayor and the political-Walsi chief.

Nengshi said he thinks the May 14 date is too soon.

Today the mayor said it was not part of the evidence. See, the mayor says he’s not there for this arrogance. Oh no.

“Politics is not arrogance, ego wants to win or lose. There are some columnists who have written it as if it is a hockey game but it is not. It’s about doing the right thing.

Honestly, I’ve covered hockey games and political punches worse than any bench-clearing feud – and misunderstood even more.

However, which columnist did the mayor talk about? I can’t even imagine

But Nancy says she is very proud of the Calgaryans. But it is going to happen.

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As you can see, Calgary is on the short end of the stick. We came out in the winter. In the stall area.

And it’s sure that we’ll have to pull up high socks, walk extra miles, put some grease on the elbows in this fight against the novel’s coronavirus.

“We are not there yet. We have to work hard, ”he said.

He told us that we should duplicate all our actions to prevent the spread of the virus.

We still need to be careful about physical withdrawal from others. In Nenshi’s words, that journey was the height of a giant llama tree.

Hockey columnists say it’s a hockey stick that doesn’t exist.

City Emergency Caesar Tom Sampson says 30% should be better.

“We are not moving forward because we have not stopped the Kavid-19 rate. Collectively we don’t do that. ”

What else do they want? I have ordered an astronaut helmet that I can wear. Not yet.

Town uniform patrols may become stronger in May over the weekend.

We were told that we would not be surprised if we got tickets for the trip.

It’s a long weekend in May. Hopefully the officers following the author will not be released.

We were told that it was better not to go to the surrounding towns and to have fun, although Nancy assured us that there were no gates on the highway.

How many Calgaryans go to Cochrane or Braj Creek or Black Diamond or Longview or anywhere else … even Edmonton?

The restaurants that Nancy warns for funny opening. The last thing a diner does is get a health permit.

The weather looked good. The May weekend has given us plenty of crazy storylines without epidemics.

However, in recent weeks, much of what has been done has been what we have been told to do.

Kenny doesn’t exactly promise that May 14th will be the first stage date for everyone, but he’s sure not to indicate too much that Calgary will be surprised. People get upset when they get the news.

We were in the game but they removed the goalposts and decided to do so 20 hours or so later and it was only a matter of time before it became legal and transferred to The Hell One Thinking file.

Nancy believes that most Calgaryans are back in Kenny’s footsteps.

And Kenny doesn’t seem to be interrupted.

His people from Yorkville Strategies have knockouts which shows that many Albertans think Kenny’s change is really fast.

Speed ​​45%. This accurate 41 %% 10% speed is not enough. Very quickly people fear that the virus has gone out of control and could lead to a second wave of infection.

The right-wing mob said the numbers were dwindling and the economy needed to start.

You can chew arithmetic.

Alberta’s top public health doc, Dina Hinsha, says Calgaryans are already working.

Doc is like a coach who encourages a team to try their best but is not judged badly.

“If anyone can do it, Calgaryans can do it,” he said.

That’s the problem. Do?

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