Becky Lynch’s new appearance (pictured), Shayna Baszler’s WWE status E.

Becky Lynch is blonde now and here’s a new look. Also, Shayna Baszlar’s WWW status is not looking good.

Becky Lynch’s new appearance (photo)

Becky Lynch opened RAW last month and made a very special announcement. She was pregnant and dropped out of the RAW Women’s Championship.

The news received generally positive feedback from staff and fans. Although there were some negative comments, for example, from Jim Cornet.

In the coming months, fans will obviously notice some changes as Lynch adopts motherhood. In the meantime he has gone through Major.

In a post in honor of George Floyd, Lynch no longer plays red hair. She now has a blonde look.

Fans respond

With me when I saw Becky Lynch the look of dirty gold.

– Michael Pagano (@MicrePagano_), June 6, 2020

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If people don’t know, orange hair dye doesn’t become dirty / sandy blonde. This is how you dye your hair.

For those who don’t know, there is hair color that does not contain harsh chemicals. #BeckyLynch #WWE

– Deadly by Nature (deadlibe_nature), 7 June 2020

Daily @ Bekilinch WWE’s praise is beam to praise the beautiful, blonde, legend!

I like him very much.

– Dan | Blonde Becky Fan acc (@TheMansBanks), June 06, 2020

Blonde Becky Lynch I think it’s better to like it than orange 😭🔥

– Destiny: (@beklinchfan_), 6 June 2020

Lynch is the future of the WWE

In addition to Lynch, he is an ally of his fiance and WWE partner Seth Rollins. Their kids go around December or January.

As for the future of Lynch wrestling, it’s in the air. He’s at the top of his career and the WWE welcomes behind him.

But that decision depends on Lynch. You can always decide if the ring time is over as soon as you focus on a family.

However, many female superstars also jury on motherhood and wrestling. Examples include Asuka, Mickey James and Lacey Evans.

Shayna Basjlar’s WWE status

As for Becky Lynch, her latest rage is Shayna Baszler. Many had the idea that Basler would take the title from Lynch and become a hero, but things did not go smoothly.

Basler is still in the RAW position, but has not been seen in weeks. Fightful says Basler is fine, and the WWE had nothing to do with the former MMA fighter.

At NXT, Basler was built almost non-stop. She has won the NXT Women’s Championship twice and rarely lost.

There was talk for almost a year that Basar made his debut with his original roster. When it officially happened, it quickly got on the label.

Some thought he would beat a launch like Ronta Rosey in retaliation for WrestleMania 336. That never happened, and Rousey is back in the WWE.

Basler’s last big performance was at Money in the Bank (MITB) last month. She only took part in the women’s MITB match due to illness.

Of course, the next night everyone found out that the women weren’t fighting for a coat of arms. Instead, the winner is the new RAW women’s champion.

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