Beautiful Friday for most with isolated shower vests, better chances of wet weather on Saturday

As we rise to the 70s in Sixland we have been able to get the temperature back above the average on Thursday.

We have had a light start this morning and there will be another light day with the following expected from the mid-0s.

Clouds cover a little more clouds from time to time and even a little rain showers in West Sixland.

The clouds continue to grow tonight with a chance of rain; This opportunity is greatest in the western counties.

Everyone gets a little wet weather on Saturday and there is a chance of a few thunderstorms and probably lasts all day.

It seems to give most of the rainfall of about half an inch; As we continue to dry, it will be welcome.

The highlights will be a little cooler as it rains in the upper upper decade from mid-Saturday.

For the rest of Sunday, they jumped into a few shower areas on Saturday night and Sunday morning before the clouds partially cleared themselves.

We’re getting plenty of sunshine in the first half of the week and warming up some to start a new work week in the 70s on Mondays and around 80s on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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