BB22 veto power in line for cast

Only 13 Big Brothers have competed in the All-Stars this season. Peak Credit: CBS

All the centers around the preparations for the veto competition will have Big Brother live feed spellers from early Saturday to soon play for the six-member veto power of the BB22 cast.

In a head-of-house competition after the Thursday night episode ended, Enzo Palumbo took over the power of the house.

Although Enzo has won the HHH this first season, this is the fourth time anyone from any of the primary alliances has been in the HOH room.

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Who nominated Enzo for eviction?

Enzo took the ultimate predictable choice to target Kaiser Ridha for the eviction. All the blaster going after the big target was just his words, he decided on the same plan as the previous three HHS: set a simple goal.

Enzo Kaiser and Kevin Campbell were left on the block for the fourth week of nominations. Kevin pulled to one side and said he was majestic this week, but he was nervous about being on the block again.

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Kevin Cowley was nominated for Weekly 1 by California, but Kesha Smith was expelled that week. Kevin easily skated for the next two weeks and now he’s back on the block.

Who is playing for the power of Veto Power 4?

The players were selected for the veto competition on Saturday afternoon. Three additional individuals will join Enzo, Kaiser and Kevin in the fight to win the Veto power.

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It looks like the other three guests playing in the veto competition are Tyler Crispen, Beleig Dayton and David Alexander.

Later Saturday, the six will be called up to play in the fourth veto competition of the summer. For the first time in Big Brother All Star 2, could the use of veto power end?

If Kaiser wins that veto necklace, Enzo will try to get behind someone. Ian Terry is probably at the top of that list but we have to find out for sure.

Bigger Brother Live Feed Eliminator

A few more things have gotten in place with the Big Brother 22 cast from the last episode. There are new have-knots this week, but now only three people are going through the punishment.

Enzo and Daniel Donato also spent a lot of time trying to awaken some drama with the Hinkey vote they cast to save Genelli.

And in the case of these votes, Dani was called by someone from the BB22 house who might have understood what he was doing. It’s not so bad that his alliance discovered his initial plan, but it’s still not good for his game.

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