BB basement opened, power revealed?

Big Brother All Star 2 has control of Christmas Abbott as HOH Pic Peak Credit: CBS

Starting Friday with news about the Big Brother 2020 spoiler BB Basement.

Live feeds shut down for several hours as 12 home guests played a new contest.

This is a bend that is designed to create a place of safety competition. Within the first three weeks of the season, safety suits were opened and people could play for protection.

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Get ready for these new forces to really move things.

BB basement is open

From the conversations and activities of the people on the CBS Live feed, three powers have been explored and determined.

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How the forces will affect the game will be revealed during the Sunday night episode. Beyond that, we can expect homeowners to talk to them about them in the feed.

There is a lot of controversy, anger and drama in the feeds at the moment but it’s hard to determine which homeowners are just acting and which ones have actually been upset.

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After Bailey Dayton won the Abbott House of Housing contest at Christmas, people called for a law to be passed to mourn him. But he is expressing some different emotions than sadness. Probably angry?

And most people in the feed are crazy about Bayleigh, probably because of doing something like that in the challenge?

Update: BB Basement Power

Looks like Christmas Abbott and Daniel Donato have the same power. We were able to see it in the feed when the women talked about them.

Christmas talked to Tyler Crispen about her strengths and Dani shared her with Nicole Franzel.

Daniel says his energy allows the outgoing head landlord to play in the next HOH competition for three weeks.

Christmas has a power that can be used in veto ceremonies. He says he can prevent anyone from being nominated as a substitute. It can be played for the next three weeks and can only be played if one uses the veto power first.

The power of Christmas may not do him much good this week but it may be even stronger when he is not HOH.

Bigger brother will come this weekend

As the hour draws to a close, we’ll make sure to update this post with how we know about power and what’s at home.

Towards the end of Friday, Christmas will host a naming ceremony, where two people will go to this block. Before the BB basement opened, plans were made for a Christmas nomination. Will he stick to it?

Things are going to be very interesting this weekend at the BB22 home, especially since Kaiser Ridha and Janelle Pierzina haven’t left the game. They were the subject of many conversations and for a few weeks they were the target of most people in the house.

Now that they’re gone, people need to target the house guests that they ally with. Daniel Donato appeared to have stabbed first in the HOH competition, possibly drowning Slick Six.

Subsequent events may be based on how those forces work and how they can be used to perform this week.

Big Brother is broadcast on CBS on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 / 7c.

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