Bandai Namko’s upcoming video game will be their most expensive project yet

When it comes to video game projects, a ton of money is needed that development studios show them to be over. Some games even break the budget of blockbuster movies and thus have titles that sell well in large quantities that usually reward them for a chance at a video game project. Yet, as much as the games are now spent, spending money on projects already far from other established franchises is somewhat complicated.

Regardless, it looks like any company is moving forward with a project that will be their most expensive title so far. It comes from Bandai Namco who contains a huge fun collection of titles available in their titles. Recently, Bandasai Namco developer, Katsuhiro Harada took Piro Live New Year’s even to the special 2021 live stream where he warned followers that Bandai Namco’s high-ups have approved the project budget.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the budget specifications, but it seems to be the largest budget of a video game project in the history of Bandai Namco. Also, there is no word on what the video game will be or what suffrage it may be associated with. That said, we know at least one developer involved who is Katsuhiro Hardarara

If you’re not familiar with the name, this guy is known for his work on the Tekken franchise. He was out of the voting right from the start, but we don’t know again whether this title is attached to the Techken IP. Indeed, during the conversation, it was reported that Katsuhiro mentioned that he would not be working on any other war games outside of Tekken, but he was not prepared to say what this upcoming project was.

Source: Gametsu

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