Bachelor star Colton can tattoo after breaking up with Underwood Casey

Colton Underwood and Casey Randolph could get tattoos together this week. Peak Credit: ABC

Bachelor star Colton Underwood is a single man, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be friends with Casey.

This week, they both made headlines after sharing the story via social media so they hinted at tattooing in the same place.

Colton and Casey both said in their breakup post that they were good friends.

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However, since it’s a common fancy way that no drama was involved in their breakup, fans probably didn’t think they were going to be just friends.

Now it is seen that they are proving the fans wrong.

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Colton Underwood and Casey appeared to get tattoos together

Instagram account @ BachelorNation.Scoop kept a collection of Cassie and Colton’s social posts this week, as they both got tattoos.

The account also appears to confirm that they got tattoos together. They both tagged a person named Jack in their stories.

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Colton and Casey can get tattoos together. Peak Credit: @ BachelorNation.Scoop / Instagram

“Colton and Casey look like they were trimmed by the same tattoo artist yesterday,” the account wrote.

Colton and Casey, however, did not mention each other in their stories.

Colton Underwood and Casey split in May

It’s been a few weeks since they broke up. The two had relatively low profiles before their separation. They tried to keep their relationship as normal as possible.

After Colton was contracted to COVID-19, he lived with Casey’s parents in Huntington Beach, California.

In late May, Colton and Casey announced that they had broken up. They provided no reason other than to be friends as well.

Break-up rumors spread in mid-May after Colton was spotted in Colorado with his family, but Casey was not by his side.

At the time, they did not comment on the rumors, but confirmed the news a few weeks later. They have already broken down by that time.

In his first book on reality TV, The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Link, Colton explained that he and Casey had broken up earlier.

They came back in a few days because they missed each other.

At the time, Colton revealed that they were bad at communication and had something to do. This first breakup happened shortly after they appeared at Bachelor, where they left as boyfriends and girlfriends.

Graduation is currently on break.

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