B. Simon’s claim of plagiarism was almost rejected until Mick Mill entered

Make Mill is defending BB Simon. Peak Credit: ImageCollect / ImagePress Agency / Admedia

Fans on Twitter b. The news spread that he had stolen from other authors in his new book “Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Love”.

However, when fans started trying to “cancel” B Cannon, a surprised man came up to Mike Mille to defend him.

B. in allegations of make-mill theft. Protects Simon

According to reports, B. Simon stole a lot of other writers’ blog posts on the Internet and put them in his book.

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Cancel Culture Keep an eye on B Simon and Mick Mill had nothing.

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The big reason is that it doesn’t just steal another author’s words. According to reports, B. Simon is selling more than a thousand copies of his book, so he is making a lot of money and fans think it would be wrong if he edited it without the work of other authors.

However, Mick Mill was telling the people there to leave B. Simon alone. According to the rapper, these guys are trying to hold on to a strong black woman.

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“B. Simon was fired because he financed a book and came out from the bottom. What will the big companies cancel to tear up our culture?” MacMill writes. “Finding ways to express our hatred for ourselves when they start doing good shows a lot in us!”

He then posted when b. Simon “did a lil bit fine.”

McMill also admitted that he did not investigate the allegations.

Peak Credit: @BG Blogger / Twitter

Twitter has called MacMill for hypocrisy

Although Mick Mill seems to have saved him from a culture of abandonment, people there are now noticing him.

This is because Twitter is calling MacMill hypocrisy.

Mack Mill previously blasted rapper Drake for using ghostwriters for his songs.

In 2015, there was a big feud between Drake and Mick Mill because he called the singer to use a ghost composer for the song Charged Up.

After calling Drake to use other writers and take credit, many fans on Twitter may not understand why he is a B.C. Defending by stealing the hard work of another writer and claiming it for oneself.

According to B. Simon, his representatives are not denying the claim. In fact, they are blaming someone else and claiming that the lawsuit is in motion

Peak Credit: @Lady-Luck 45 / Twitter

B. Simon’s management team said the design company had added the items to the book and that they were trying to make it work.

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