Ayesha Scott cooks about Jack Streep and how the relationship really ended

Life under the deck Mediterranean was monotonous for Akash and Jack. Peak Credit: Bravo

Ayesha Scott is talking about her ex-boyfriend Jack Streep and how Decky is at the bottom of the Mediterranean.

The New Zealand beauty hit Bravo is back in the second round of the show. Ayesha is replacing Bugsy Drake, who was promoted to Wellington’s new second stew and the main stew after she fired Hannah Ferrier.

Ayesha was in Se Tute under Deck Med, where she befriended Hannah and started a romance with Deckhand Jack. The two were hot and heavy for most of the season. However, like many showmen, the couple went their separate ways after filming ended.

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In her first episode during season 5, Ayesha Jack is about to open up about their relationship and how it ended.

A brief history of Jack and Ayesha

Bravo shared a preview clip for the episode featuring Ayesha’s return. He wastes no time getting down to crew romance, especially between Robert Westergaard and Jessica Moore.

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Ayesha wants details of their growing romance, like they’re sharing a cabin and asking the question of how long they’ve been sitting in the boat. The new crew member then confessively reminded him of his time with Jack.

Jack and Ayesha felt an instant connection. They quickly became romantic by flirting without holding on to each other’s feelings.

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Ayesha and Jack eventually became exclusive when he proposed that she be his girlfriend. They even shared a cabin before Sirocco was put together to create an off-camera camera.

Ayesha spreads events that really put an end to the romance

Jack and Ayesha’s happiness was short-lived. He was the first to spread, long after the end of season 4, the couple broke up.

Now, hope is sharing what has come down. While confessing on the Bravo show, Ayesha spread that she found out that Jack was back with his ex-girlfriend through the girls ’Instagram stories. The romance between Jack and Ayesha ended quickly after he realized he was cheating.

They were not in the best condition for a long time. However, the ex-couple has moved to their boat.

Ayesha is madly in love with her boyfriend Scott. This summer he introduced himself to his social media followers. Fans will have to watch the Bravo show to see if Squat and Ayesha are dating during their time in Wellington.

Jack is the new father. He and girlfriend Kelly are proud fathers of his son Phoenix

Ayesha Scott’s second time under the deck Mediterranean will be quite different than her first time. There should be no boat rides, no Hannah, and no Anastasia for an interesting time for Ayesha.

The deck is broadcast Monday at 9 / 8c in Bravo below the Mediterranean.

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