Avery Mills, the 90-day fiance, confirms that she and Omar are together

The 90-day fianc couple Omar and Avery are finally living together. Peak Credit: TLC

After a long wait and more than a year, Avery Mills and her husband Omar Albakur have finally reunited.

The couple took some new pictures to enjoy together on their shared Instagram account.

It took some time to answer some follower questions, including new photo updates for fans and followers, as well as dropping hints about where Omar and Avery are staying.

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Avery and Omar make sure they end up living together

Earlier this year, Avery and Omar were forced to delay their reunion due to the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. Omar was slotted to attend his visa interview, but was eventually postponed due to the epidemic.

This time, the couple was engaged in a 90-day engagement spin-off for a 90-day engagement: the self-proclaimed self Avery was separated in his hometown of Ohio Columbus and Omar was staying in his home country of Syria.

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They weren’t sure when they would reunite and it may not come soon for their 90-day engagement fans.

So, when the couple shared sweet pictures of the two of them together, fans flooded the comments expressing joy at seeing them together again. They also asked if they were returning to the 90-day fiancee.

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“Are you guys leaving for another 90 days?” A follower asked.

The couple responded that their time with the show was over.

“No we don’t want to go on TV anymore (two heart emoji)” they responded.

Several other followers asked similar questions but the pair stuck to their response which they ended up with on the show.

Although they may not return to the show, fans were thrilled to see them reunite.

Another follower commented, asking if they were finally together.

“Yes (heart emoji)” they responded.

Peak Credit: @ o.m.a.ver.y / Instagram

Where do Avery and Omar live now?

Although they are not actually returning to television, fans have made it clear that they still want to keep up with the couple.

Several fans have asked if they would consider launching a YouTube channel, and Avery has made it clear that she is trying to persuade Omar to stay on board.

However, what the couple was unwilling to share is where they are now. Re Avery has confirmed that they are not in Syria but he will not share exactly where he is.

“I hope you guys are doing well (heart emoji). Did Omar come to the United States or did you move there? ”Asked a fan.

Another follower later said the couple could not answer the question because they had signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the 90-day Finch franchise, Avery responded and straightened out the record.

“No, we didn’t answer the BC question. We don’t want the people to know. And we’re no longer on TV, we’re no longer in contract, and we choose to reject filming, ”they explained.

The 90-day engagement is broadcast on TLC on Sunday at 8 / 7c.

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