Avery Mills targets Yazan’s family after he leaves Brittany

Avery Mills said a lot about Brittany and Yazan’s latest 90-day engagement drama. Peak Credit: TLC

Things escalated during the last episode of the 90-day engagement: The Way, when Brittany and Yazan went to visit her parents. Now, Avery Mills is talking about the horrible moment, and she says Yazan’s parents are really upset.

Avery converted to Islam before meeting her husband Omar, and she was a strong supporter of Muslims, especially those who converted. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

There is no need to deny that the screams that Yazan’s mother started in Brittany were very uncomfortable. Many 90-day-old fans have shared their grief at seeing the confrontation face to face.

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Some even expressed concern that Brittany might be in danger, noting that the cameras there could avoid a real crisis.

Although Brittany is safe and she even told Yazan that she never wanted to see her parents after the incident. Who can blame him? The way Yazan’s mother was screaming would have been painful for anyone. As Avery points out, this could lead to Brittany completely rejecting her one day instead of embracing her husband’s religion.

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Avery Mills spoke on Twitter

After watching the shocking moment, Avery Mills shared her opinion on Twitter.

He writes, “His family had the opportunity to show the beautiful side of Islam and take the spark of his interest from himself. But instead they were rude, and he would probably look at Islam that way. Alhamdulillah my in-laws show me with respect and love BC I couldn’t do everything with it. “

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Avery shared this fancy scene with Yazan’s family. Peak Credit: Javerijern / Twitter

Fast-paced, 90-day engagement: Other wayfarers responded to Avery’s comment, with many agreeing that the scene just wasn’t good all around.

Fans of the 90-day engagement are worried for Brittany

Although Avery thinks Yazan’s parents may turn Britney away from Islam, 90-day-old Fienne fans are more worried than just that. Some were concerned for her safety, while others felt that Britons needed to learn something about Jordanian culture before boarding a flight to live there.

Brittany has previously raped her 90-day fiance critic, saying that many called her to leave Jordan after the Americans became “degraded” and then insisted that she would not change for Yazan or anyone else.

It should be interesting to see how all of this was revealed when Brittany left with her head held high with Yazan because she has been doing quite a bit since her plane arrived.

90 Day Engagement: The other way is broadcast on TLC at 9 / 8c on Monday.

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