Attach Magsaf Wallet Reminder when leaving home

There was a time when forgetting to keep your wallet with you when you left home can really ruin your day. Apple Pay has changed that, but in London – where you can pay without communication for almost everything – there are still a lot of events when you need a physical card.

But for those who use a MagSafe wallet, Apple can easily eliminate the risk.

I was surprised to find myself a fan of Magsaf Wallet.

What I like about it is that I don’t have the extra card resources when I’m at home. I just keep the wallet separate and have a thinner phone than me when I use the conventional wallet case.

Of course, the mistake with the wallet is that you have to remember to attach it. I’m sure it won’t become a problem in post-coronavirus times, when it just becomes part of our home routine. These days, leaving home is not an everyday thing – meaning it is still not everyone’s habit.

But it is an easy thing to solve.

The iPhone 12 knows if the Magsaf Wallet is connected. Geofencing and Wi-Fi networks are different ways of knowing when we will leave home. It is a trivial matter to inform us if the wallet leaves the house without being attached.

All I want to see when we get out of the house is to spot the phone – both GPS check and turn off our home Wi-Fi network – and then check if our MagSafe wallet is connected. If it doesn’t, the phone pins the message and a message pops up.

Do you need your MagSafe wallet?

There will be a general dismissal button to clear it.

It must appear if we have ever attached a MagSafe wallet. You will never see the message without it.

Similarly obviously, it will be a toggle, so you can switch the reminder feature if you don’t want to.

The same feature can be extended to airtags later. If you have a regular wallet and carry an airtag in it, your phone may remind you if you leave home without it.

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