AT&T has discussed selling crunchroll to Sony, the parent company of Fanimation

A report in early May states that the sale of the anime streaming company was discussed with Sony, the parent company of the rival anime streaming service Fanimation, a rival of the crunchroil parent company AT&T.

The report from the source said that “AT&T’s Warnermedia has discussed the sale of crunchrolls.” They speculate that the reason for selling the business may be to reduce debt.

The company has been under pressure from shareholder Elliott Management to reduce its holdings over the past year, but a deal with Elliott Management was reportedly cut in October.

A detailed report by YouTuber Clownfish TV indicated that one of the potential buyers was Sony.

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The data, however, note that the current coronavirus epidemic has reduced their sales efforts and there are currently no active negotiations for the sale of crunchyrol negotiations.

They also believe that the move to Warnermedia’s new CEO, Jason Killer, could change the company’s sales plans. Killer previously worked at Hulu, and reports from Information that Hulu was the mainstay of the anime, Killer is optimistic that WarnerMedia will repeat the upcoming new streaming service with HBO Max.

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HBO Max and Crunchioral have recently announced that many of the anime available in Crunchchiral will be available on HBO Max when the streaming service launches later this month. Some of these anime include the wildly popular full metal alchemist. In addition to Full Metal Alchemist, the streaming service will have 16 more anime titles.

These 17 headings include CrunchRoil Key In / Specter.

Crunchioral further promises that they will “put together additional anime titles for HBO Max every quarter and build new deals that appeal to new and existing anime fans.” Hunter X Hunter And Letter written before death The first launch is coming to the streamer within a year. “

Kevin Riley, HBO Max’s Chief Content Officer, praised the anime in general, saying, “Anime is a famous, diverse art form with a rich culture that combines fiction and a distinctive character.” Crancherol has made this amazing adventure the center for everyone to enjoy. “

Not only will they get anime from Crunchrolls, but HBO Max will also feature studio hibiscus movies, including Princess Manonok and Spirited Away.

Clownfish TV’s Neon speculates that Crunchyroll may come out in stages and be part of HBO Max, “So we’re starting to get a bigger picture of what’s going on here. So it could be the new CEO who realizes Hulu is doing really well with the anime. : ‘Stop! Stop. We won’t sell it, but we’ll just fold the anime into HBO Max.’ “

What do you do with this report? What do you think is the future of CrunchIroll?

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