Ashley Kelsey revealed a friend asked her to take a pregnancy test

The Challenge Ashley Kelsey: Champs vs. Process Spinoff Series. Peak Credit: MTV

Former Real World and The Challenge star Ashley Mary Kelsey revealed the big news around Christmas that she and boyfriend Kerry Johnson are expecting their first child together.

The couple shared a sex revealing video on their official Instagram profile, letting fans learn that the couple has a baby girl.

Fans question Ashley Kelsey as she announces her pregnancy, which she recently addressed on her Instagram. In the meantime Ashley reveals that the Double Agents star forced her to take a pregnancy test.

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Ashley Kelsey’s Challenge Paul suggested giving her a test

It seems that Ashley Kelsey didn’t realize she was pregnant until she became the best friend she made from MTV’s The Challenge.

A fan asked Ashley on her Instagram story how she knew how to take a pregnancy test when she was pregnant.

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That’s when Ashley revealed that she was feeling “really indifferent” during her visit to Los Angeles with friend Tori Deal. “Maybe you’re pregnant,” Ashley told Tori after learning of it.

Ashley told Tori she thought so, and Tori told her, “Just do a test.” With the big test that test came back positive.

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Ashley Kelsey and Tori Deal became good friends from their association with MTV’s The Challenge.

They have never competed together in one season of the Challenge, but Ashley Champs vs. Professor Spinoff with Tory’s ex-fianc জ, Jordan Weasley.

The spinoff included NFL stars Shawn Merriman and Cameron Wembley as competitors, with Victor Cruz as the host. Also, Rocky Lolo Jones of the current Double Agents was a competitor in this series.

Another fan asked Ashley how she revealed she was pregnant with boyfriend Carion Johnson, who is currently playing for the Detroit Lions in the NFL.

Ashley said she personally sent pictures of positive pregnancy tests from where she was without waiting to do it.

“Haha I wanted to do something beautiful but I can’t keep any secrets from her, it makes me think I’m lying!” He added.

Ashley worried about COVID but stayed safe

Many expectant parents have concerns about having healthy babies, but the current Cavid-19 epidemic has raised concerns.

Ashley says she has expressed a lot of concern but she believes she and Carion are being careful and safe with things.

“Are you worried about catching Kovid and getting pregnant? I am 11 weeks and petrified! “A fan sent Ashley to her Instagram story.

“Okay at first I’m worried about everything! Ha ha, ”Ashley replied.

“But yes, I never like to leave home and when I do, wearing a mask, sanitizer, wash my hands wherever I go! Super embarrassment, ”he added.

“Luckily Carion is tested for work every day to help! And I check wherever I go at any time,” he said.

Looks like Ashley Kelsey and Cario Johnson are taking all the necessary precautions as they expect their first child in the new year. Now friends, family and fans will all be anxiously waiting to decide what to name their baby girl.

Challenge: Double Agents airs on MTV on Wednesday at 8 / 7c.

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