As soon as the war started, Gabby Jamie Tate of Emerydale became pregnant with the baby

This is going to be an exciting start to the year at the home farm in Emerald as a pregnancy bombshell is about to see the beginning of a power struggle – the mother is at the center of everything with her firmness.

The play unfolds as Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), who has been no less of a problem for some time, having a one night stand with Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham). She soon learned that she was pregnant and had a second child named Jamie.

But if this pregnancy isn’t already shocking enough, there’s a lot more drama on the way when you find the rest of Dales.

Emerald producer Jane Hudson is teasing the report of the story And other media and hints that one person will be deeply interested in the new generation is Kim Tate (Claire King).

“We have a new arrival when Jamie finds out that he is going to be a father for the second time after the night with Gabby. Kim discovered as the new heir to the throne, there would be a power struggle. Gabby finds himself at the center – will he commit suicide after being tempted and manipulated at a home farm? “

So, it looks like another person involved with Jamie may regret it too soon.

With Nate Robinson (Jurel Carter) and Tracy soon having a baby, Peter-Patter’s expectations of small feet are not limited to Jamie and Gabby. In the story, Jane says: It will be a real test as they adapt to being new parents, limiting them and taking part in Tracy the Lion. It will also spotlight Knut and Kane. Will they finally bury Hatchet? There are some really sensitive things. “

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