/As privacy pressures increase, Facebook debates a redesigned tool to download your personal information.

As privacy pressures increase, Facebook debates a redesigned tool to download your personal information.

Facebook has offered tools to download your information and take a moment to understand what the platform has to say about you. But now, under more privacy pressures than ever before, the company is launching a newly designed “Access Your Data” tool for iOS and Android to make it easier to view and download all these details.

Facebook today announced the launch of the new “Access Your Information” iOS and Android tools in a blog post.

Over the years, we’ve developed tools to make it easier to view and download data about how we’ve used our services. We first launched Access to Your Information in 2018 so that people can get a central place to access their information on Facebook. We now have some time to learn about how people use it, we have redesigned it and given it a new color coat to make it more usable and transparent. We want to make sure that your information on Facebook is useful, easy to understand and easy to find.

The move comes as Facebook has stepped up pressure on its privacy practices. Significantly, this is in line with Apple’s privacy label for its new iOS app and the introduction of the upcoming ad tracking feature in iOS 14.

Your Facebook data will now be organized into two main sections to make it easier to switch through:

Facebook Your activities across Facebook
Friends and followers
Ferences Preferences
Personal information
Logged information
তথ্য Advertising information
Applications and Facebook Off Website
তথ্য Security and login information

New features include a search bar and you may notice details about how Facebook used your personal information to personalize your experience.

We’re adding information on how your data can be used to personalize your experience on Facebook. For example, you see that your initial location is one of multiple signals that you saw in a recent ad for the Food Delivery application.

Facebook says the redesigned Access Your Data tool was developed for iOS and Android based on its own research on how customers are using earlier versions of this tool.

The new version of Accessing Your Information is being released today on iOS and Android, and Facebook has announced that it will be available for other platforms soon.

You can access your information tool under the three-line icon (hamburger icon) in the bottom corner of the iPhone> swipe down> Settings & Privacy> Settings> Your Facebook Info.

You can learn more about the new tool in the full blog post on Facebook here.

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