/As many as 20,000 COVID cases are cut every day as Mexico Reels

As many as 20,000 COVID cases are cut every day as Mexico Reels

Mexico, which has posted the second day of more than 200,000 new coronavirus cases, has suggested a multi-fight with hospitals already spread across many countries.

There were 20,523 newly confirmed cases on Saturday after 21,366 infections on Friday. That was double the daily increase just a week ago.

A further 1,219 deaths have been recorded in the country, a near-record.

They are official statistics, but no one knows for sure how infected someone is in a country that is characterized by poor rural villages in the Third World.

The top ten most risky states in the case of the new Kovid touched the sky by 21,366 in one day. https://t.co/4QGHCVbQEb pic.twitter.com/xN0Jh8vXYb

– Mexico News Daily (Mexican) January 16, 2021

A total of 1,633 million infections have now been reported in Mexico, and more than 140,000 people have died during the epidemic.

The country’s extremely low test rate means it’s a small amount, and official estimates put the actual death toll at around 195,000.

Vaccination teams gave about 25,000 shots to frontline healthcare workers on Saturday, bringing the total to more than 463,000 so far.

The number is still insufficient for the 750,000 front healthcare workers, who need two doses each.

In Mexico, 24 people reacted strongly to the Pfizer vaccine, six of whom were hospitalized.

The current epidemic center in Mexico City, the hospital is 6 percent full of beds.