As childcare approaches summer, the state is preparing for new developments

Milwaukee – When businesses open and people return to work, many parents leave behind what they can do with their children.

Since March, some day care centers have been closed and others have continued to work on the ban. Now, some agents are trying to decide how and when to work.

A child care worker is in charge of the check

Hot checks and locksmiths are a relatively new phenomenon in many check care centers. Tina Malkamson, district director of Kinder Care, said health screening and delays and decision-making are some of the ways to keep children and staff safe. Keeping kids on social networks can be tough.

Tina Malkamson

“We all extended the time to clean toys and toys,” Malcomson said. “We place one class at a time in the stadium, then in the middle of the classes we try.”

In the summer, Malcolmson said most places will open slowly, but many are jumping on the bandwagon.

“We want to bring the experience out to the center by bringing the kids out of the place,” he said. “First and foremost, we want to keep the kids and staff safe and we want them to have fun.”

Offices are closed at YMCA – except for the front desk. Kerry Wall, president and chief executive of YMCA in Metropolitan Milwaukee, said it would start with just two locations and open the stage with caution.

Carrie Wall

“We will run summer camps, but we will invite them to summer camps because all we need to do is fill in the gaps in the children’s reading rate and other activities,” Wall said.

However, the demands of the parents cannot be met.

“In my opinion, there are some limitations right now because the recommendations are extremely strict,” Wall said.

CDC counseling only allows 50 people from the community – 9 children from each counselor. Anita Robertson, owner and sponsor of Next Generation Day Camp, thinks it needs more time to overcome the epidemic and is not open until July 1st.

Anita Robertson

“I think a lot of supporters are trying to find the best course of action. It should continue until it’s out of control.”

Proponents say it will also help boost parents’ self-confidence and self-esteem and let them know that proper care will be taken.



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