As an open camp, Vertenen has gained more Deva Vu experience

VANCOUVER – Jack Verchenen has gained so much experience with training camp that he now feels he can do nothing and become frustrated.

When the Vancouver Canucks officially opened their third camp in 16 months on Monday, Swedish rookie Dynamo Nils Hoglander was expected to lose to Verchenen at the spot: Bo Harvat and Tanner Pearson in the second line.

“As far as Jack goes, he should decide where he plays, whether it’s first line, second, third, fourth,” Canac coach Travis Green said. “And for us, it’s not about what’s best for Jack, it’s not about what’s best for the team, and how it looks. He knows too. It’s about winning.

“I’m not worried about where Jack plays. I’m worried about how our team looks and I’m worried about the players here.

After five years of NHL struggles, when Verchenen often took a step backwards, it was considered a big opportunity for the 24-year-old. Top-six winger Tyler Toffoli has left as a free agent. The Canucks used their most valuable cap space to replace early goalkeeper Jacob Markstrom and upgrade the defense.

Vertenen, who voted for Canac to return after starting last summer’s play-off tournament as a healthy scratch, actually re-signed for ব 2.55 million for two years in October and said he would be offered a job in the top six.

But on Monday, the five-foot-eight Hogland, a 20-year-old second-round pick who scored 14 points in 23 games for Rogel this season in the Swedish League, practiced with Harvat, spread around the ice and made play with the duck

“Yeah, I was a little nervous when I first saw it,” Hogland said of his practice deployment. “It’s two really hockey players and good guys and it’s nice to be there.”

Vertenen Skated looks like a possible third line with Brandon Sutter and winger Tyler in total.

“I think you can read them; I know you, however, “said Green about the opening line of his camp before Deadpanning:” You probably saw Petty (Elias Peterson) with JTT (Military) Miller and (Brock) Bozar. You will see it from time to time during the season.

“Yeah, you can read that. We’ve decided, we’re not just out for skates and conditions; we’re out to see how the combinations look.”

Virkanen was dropped from the top four lines in Vancouver for two days at the July summer camp. Earlier in September, he was deprived on the opening day of training camp for missing off-season conditioning targets.

Despite being reprimanded, Vertenen scored 18 goals in the 2019-20 season.

“I’m just going to work hard and I’m not really paying attention (to the attachments),” Vertenen said Monday. “I will just try hard and get a place in the top six. I know there’s a lot of good competition here and you know you have to work hard and you know that every guy is trying to make a mark here. “

Line combs

Green has configured its top for forward line and defense pairs as follows:




Antoine Russell-Adam Gaudit-Jack McQueen

Alex Adler-Knut Schmidt

Oli Zulelivi-Tyler Myers

Queen Hughes-Jalen Chatfield

Jack Rathbone-Jordi Benn

These NHL veterans J. Beagle and Louis Erickson are in deep positions. Defender Travis Harmonic, still in the final stages of his seven-day trip, will be in the top six defense forces next week.

Ready or not, Shine time

With just eight days of training camp and no exhibition games before their season opens in Canucks Edmonton on July 13, Green said young players can’t wait if they aren’t already in for an NHL job. Possibilities like Hoglander and Rothbone are ready to be better prepared.

“It’s important to us, it’s important to the player,” Green said. “It simply came to our notice then. We don’t really have time to immerse the boys in the water.

“Every young player is a little different. Some of them come and they feel instantly comfortable and for some of them they need some time, they need some season to feel comfortable around the ice.

Lack of patience is not fair to young players, but many have felt unfair since the onset of the global epidemic.

Small doses of Schmid

Kantz has two melodic “hoops” from Nat Schmidt on the occasion of his first practice since acquiring him from the Vegas Golden Nights in October. But the influential defender says he is trying not to overwhelm unfamiliar teammates with his enthusiasm.

“Coaching staff, meeting the rest of the boys, that’s what you’re most worried about,” he said. “Nervous about you … how you’re going to fit in the house, how you’re going to work in a new town and so far gone randomly Holts and Biggs (former Washington teammates Braden Holtby and Jay Beagle) getting here was a great start for me because You guys were the ones who really know the real Schmidt know and sometimes, I made sure I gave it to the boys in doses because I didn’t know how much they could handle at first.I don’t know how much to bark today because I don’t want the boys to be overwhelmed. “

Kant’s new goalie, who shared the post-practice zoom call with Schmidt, agreed that his friends and teammates were wary of his integration.

“It was great,” Holtby said. “I think he has already shown our strength. I think it’s a positive force that is going to be contagious to this group. “

Schmidt: “Ah, thank you, man.”


Several Kanaks were asked to play in the All Canadian Division and not the same team or 10 times. Calder Trophy runner-up Hughes was asked about not getting a chance to play against New Jersey Devils’ center-back younger brother Jack this season.

“I didn’t think about it, but I probably won’t miss it,” Quinn said. “I’m 0-3 against him, so we just give that one slide.”

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