As AGT judges prepare for the cuts, Heidi Klum shows Bailey her suit. [PHOTOS]

American Got Talent Judge Heidi Klum has been having a hard time pushing the button on her jeans for months on end and we can certainly relate to it. The super model posted some photo proofs on Instagram on Tuesday.

Heidi reminded us of the upcoming AGT schedule for the coming weeks. The judge cuts will come soon, but we’ll have to wait another week before we see them. The good news is that Heidi has officially returned to the show!

Heidi Klum shows off the quarantine belly

On Tuesday, Heidi Klum shared multiple intimate pictures of her belly as she tried (unsuccessfully) to give her jeans button. He had previously shown his quarantine stomach, holding it after a big meal at home.

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While people live in large quantities and cook home-made meals (not to mention all the baking), many of us can certainly relate to Heidi’s large waist size. And if super models like Heidi aren’t ashamed of it, we shouldn’t be either.

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Heidi joked “what to wear” for the final episode of AGT before the Jazz Cuts started. He added the jockey hashtag, including #nothi. We would say that suitpants are perfectly acceptable attire for the occasion.

Heidi returned to the AGT before the judge cut

To remind fans of the AGT schedule in the coming weeks, Heidi posted a funny caption with a picture of her jean-buttoning:

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Heidi’s winning symbol was identified on the show last week. He fell ill at the start of the season and was absent for many auditions. Fortunately, he tested negative for the coronavirus. In the most recent episode, judges watched auditions from their homes due to social distance restrictions, and Heidi was finally able to join them.

Tonight, AGT will promote a restoration of the best auditions of the season before the Judge Cutts premiere next week. This season, the round will air on July 26, just one episode recently Judges recently filmed the episode on an outdoor set, watching the performance remotely.


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