/Arthur Chatto, Queen’s hot grandson, is a fitness royalty

Arthur Chatto, Queen’s hot grandson, is a fitness royalty

Habba-huba-ding-ding, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, is the king of the new workout of all time.

Although he ranks 26th in line with the British throne, 21-year-old Arthur Chatto is receiving royal treatment online after sharing workout videos on Jim Bound Fitness’s Instagram page.

Chatto, the grandson of Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, works as a personal trainer at Bound Fitness in Scotland. He is also pursuing a degree in geography at the University of Edinburgh.

Sometimes referred to as a potential “next Prince Harry,” the deserving bachelor also went to the prestigious Eaton College.

He even stole some spotlights from the royal headliners Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel on their wedding day, when he fell in love with his second cousin’s mother, Lady Sarah Chatto.

Arthur Chatto, the grandson of Princess Margaret, is now making waves as a fitness royalty that social media has discovered her sculpted body. Shooterstock

Chatterjee’s 50-minute HITT workout clips have reached a state of official thirst across all social media platforms and now fans are sweating – in more ways than one.

A Twitter crushing strapping shared in a post inspired by the young fitness guru, “Arthur Chatto single BC I’m ready to join the royal family,”.

Autumn Phillips, Peter Phillips, Arthur Chatto, Lady Sarah Chatto and Daniel Chatto came in 2018 to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel in Windsor, England.

“Question of the day: How will one become Arthur Chatterjee’s girlfriend,” tweeted another new fan.

Question of the day: How will you become Arthur Chatterjee’s girlfriend?

– Tallulah (@tallulahmaya_) January 9, 2021

Not easy for the British royal family, but Arthur Chatto could get it

– ••• (@bonjour_batch) January 10, 2021

However, Chatto, a three-tier personal trainer who makes himself more fancy than just muscle-based Insta-i-Candy, says he is “specialized in strength and endurance training with a military focus,” according to his bio about BoundFitness’s social profile.

He led training sessions on Instagram Live with Jim and displayed his, ahem, exceptional form in promotional posts.

“I’m lucky enough to visit the UK this summer!” He added to the caption. “It has given me and the team a lot of experience to train to finish the challenging expedition. I have found physical training as a key foundation for improving my own mental health and I would like to share it with others. “

And honey, online “others” are going crazy for its share of fish and chips! Already Chatto’s own personal – and verified – has more than 170,500 followers on Instagram where he’s liked and loved the 10,000s.

Also on his personal page, Chatoy posted a video of his “frustrated” experience completing the 2,000-mile Great British Row for Charity. He and his equally well-built friends raised funds for the British Red Cross, which was spread across the country for about 42 days.