Armed Poles Fight Sword Fight in Medieval Armor Case after Family Attack – Scottish Sun

Police officers dived into a sword-driven nightclub after family members feared an attack.

Visitors to a watercolor beauty spot called 999 ect


Police intervene against a swordsman who is credited for the trip: Wales News Service


Families feared being attacked, but only one man tried his new medieval armored suit. Credit: Wales News Service

The three gunmen responded and instructed him to throw the trifling blade angrily at gunpoint.

But they found that she was just walking around trying on her new medieval armored skirt and that the sword was a toy.

Witness Mike James, 31, said the mysterious man looks like a video game character

Mike walked around Cardiff’s Hendre Lake with wife Heather, 32, and three sons, Theo.

He said: “We saw this man walking around in a knight’s suit with a sword.

“The whole thing really took precedence – he seemed to look beyond the religion of murder.

“But I thought he had to be an actor or something, so I didn’t think much about it.

“About five minutes later the armed police showed that they said they had news of the suspect.


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“We just knew who they were talking to. I told them he was coming back to the lake and would be around soon. “

One of the mics added Mike, presenting a photo with him when police officers realized he was safe.

Police confirmed: “No crime was committed and the man received appropriate advice.”


Eyewitness Mike James says a video game character’s credit for seeing the mysterious man: Wells News Service


Three gun officers found out before they drew their swords and played a credit: Wales News Service


Mystery Mancredit: Wells News Service says “no crime”
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