/Are they dating each other?

Are they dating each other?

Jules Smith and Sky Jackson were trending after the recent dating rumors. Peak Credit: @JulezJmith / Instagram

Rumors of Jules Smith and Sky Jackson dating have recently surfaced on the internet, with two young celebrities trending quite a bit on Saturday.

Daniel Jules J. Smith, the 16-year-old son of junior singer Solanj Knowles, has also made him the nephew of Beyonce Knowles. 18-year-old Sky Jackson is a Disney star who has appeared in Dancing with the Stars.

Despite rumors circulating on Saturday morning that they were once a couple, looking at the series of conversations, screenshots and social media posts, it seems they are no longer in a relationship.

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Julius Smith commented on the rumors of Sky Jackson dating

Jules Smith and Sky Jackson have probably dated before, but based on recent comments, they don’t seem to be in a mature position at the moment.

In her Instagram story, Jules Smith sat down with fans for a Q&A session and addressed parts of those rumors involving Sky Jackson dating.

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One fan asked if Jules and Sky were friends now, to which Solange’s son replied, “F ** k no” to stop any further speculation about them.

Peak Credit: @JulezJmith / Instagram

Another screenshot of the series was captured in a post on the Instagram account তেLurkingThesity, which has more comments from Jules Smith.

“I don’t like the fact that I don’t believe what other people say … and his personality and his arrogance are so big… he has to come back to earth,” Jules commented on Snapchat’s Sky

There is also a picture showing Sky Jackson and Jules Smith together which indicates that they had a close relationship before.

Jules Screenshot also said in a group chat based on a report from Wrap-Up that he had taken revenge on Sky by accusing him of cheating.

“I made sure to ruin his life,” Jules complained in a group chat message. “I f **** was good to him and got him addicted and then left him. It’s complicated.”

A screenshot of his alleged group chat comments about the breakup appeared via an Instagram account (below).

Sky tweeted about ‘negative energy’

On Thursday, Sky Jackson went on to post a statement on Twitter that may or may not be related to his situation with Daniel Jules J. Smith Jr.

“The negative energy that you have is the same energy that you are putting on yourself,” he wrote the emoji on his shoulder.

I have received lots of comments agreeing with her and others to complain about the actress, YouTuber and author.

Peak Credit: SkyJackson / Twitter

At the age of five, Sky Jackson made his film debut in 2007 with the appearance of Liberty Kid. He wants to take on more roles, including appearing on the Disney Channel and Voice Work.

From 2011 to 2015, the pair appeared on Sky Disney Channel’s JC as Ross. He returned to the sequel series Bunked, which ran from 2015 through 201.

During this bunked run, he made it to the list of the Most Influential Teenagers in 201 Most. In 2012, he published a first novel and appeared in the Panini video of Lil Nass X. Last year, she starred in Sky Stars with the Star 29 and eventually finished as a semifinalist.

In addition to the above achievements, he also did voice acting work. Sky Jackson provided the voices of the Summer DreamWorks Dragons: Rejuvenating Riders and Glory Grant in the Marvel Rising series.

Outside of the tweet above, Sky answered fans’ questions on Friday, one of which asked if he had a Valentine. Sky responded to a tweet with a “knop” to further indicate that he had no relationship.

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