Are Britney Haynes and General Piergina just trolling fans?

Britney Haynes and General Piergina had fun at BB14. Peak Credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 cast rumors have for some time included Britney Haynes (now Britney Godwin) and Janelle Piergina (now General Desanto). This is why people take notice when two women go out together.

Britney was a member of the Big Brother 12 cast before returning to coach Big Brother 14. Janelle finished third in Big Brother 6 before being invited back for the All-Stars and joining the BB14 cast.

After spending their time at Big Brother’s house, Britney and Janelle also took on amazing races and became good friends outside the world of reality contest shows.

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Both women have found happiness in their personal lives and are married to children.

Britney and Janelle are part of the BB22 cast?

There are already a lot of big brother rumors, including that the cast has already been cast and is ready to air a secret episode of the CBS show Stories BB22 If the cast goes apart, it means people have already traveled to California.

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Earlier in the week, Brittany and Janelle each took part in a post on Instagram that suggested they were going to travel together. To some social media users, it seemed like a way for women to make sure they were playing the game again.

But it is likely that Britney is trolling her fans and reaching out to Janelle to help her with this dissatisfaction.

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Below is what appeared on the Instagram story for Britney Haynes:

Britney Haynes hints at a trip. Peak Credit: @ Britney_Hyness / Instagram

Janelle didn’t miss a bit. After being joined by Britney in her stories, Janelle logged in to leave a message in the image below:

Janel joined Brittany through social media. Peak Credit: @ Britney_Hyness / Instagram

BB22 cast rumors will only continue

Since CBS was pretty quiet about the precise plans for the 2020 season in the summer, it has opened the door to more rumors than usual on social media.

Even Avel Dick Donato had a new story where he said that a former winner is not satisfied with being dropped from the list of BB22 actors.

In the case of Brittany and Janelle, women will be an interesting addition to the cast but the truth is they seem to be trolling fans.

Janelle Pierzina posted a picture on her Instagram page where she hinted at staying at a lake house on vacation. And then, on July 4th, Britney Haynes shared a picture of her three kids enjoying Sparkler.

Women of course other people can control their social media accounts when their big brother is separated as part of the 22 cast but it will be a lot of fun for them right now to troll fans.

Big Brother is currently on break at CBS.

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