Apple starts the week with huge TV series sales: Chernobyl, Carb, VIP, and more

Apple is starting the week with a number of TV shows for sale on the iTunes Storefront from HBO and other networks. Some of the biggest names in this sale include your Enthusiasm, VEEP and Chernobyl, which will become a permanent part of all your libraries. You can choose all of our top from this sale below.

The title is the iconic Chernobyl mini-series from HBO 9.99. This is below the typical $ 20 price tag and from Apple we saw the best. Restore the aftermath of April 2, 1986, and the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in the Soviet Union. “Chernobyl is a five-part minisery that tells the story of the strongest and most perspective of the worst man-made accidents in history, from the moment of the explosion of dawn through the chaos the next day to the aftermath of the tragedy and subsequent deaths, weeks and months. “

Another standout as part of today’s sale is your excitement carbs asons 1-10-10 seasons . 99.99. This popular show rarely sells through Apple and is usually $ 150 or more. On top of each episode of the first 10 seasons, you’ll get to buy deleted scenes, cast interviews and more.

Other notable agreements include:

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