Apple Silicon 12 Inch MacBook? Take my money …

It was suggested earlier this week that we see an Apple Silicon 12-inch MacBook before the end of the year as one of Apple’s first ARM-powered Macs.

If the report is true, I’ve already dreamed of buying one myself, despite the rather awkward one …

My 11 inch MacBook Air lives in a cupboard

I have an 11-inch MacBook Air that is a perfectly reasonable purchase in 2013, but has since become virtually obsolete for my needs.

My initial Mac was a long time 17 inch MacBook Pro. I loved that machine and traveled it with pleasure, but it was a bit heavier and heavier around town when I only wanted to use it in a coffee shop for 45 minutes. It was definitely too heavy to carry on a cycling vacation. A separate, ultra-portable Mac was justified, and that’s why I bought the 11-inch MacBook Air.

However, since then things have changed significantly. First the 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro and later the 16-inch MacBook Pro provided much more portable early Mac. I happily take it with me to use the coffee-shop (or go back to the days when there were coffee shops …).

Second, a keyboard with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a highly capable pseudo laptop, so I wanted to portability over power – especially while traveling, while the all-day battery life is a striking feature provides an additional option.

So my poor 2013 11-inch MacBook Air is now mostly unused.

Use it for a while and saw my girlfriend for her after her much larger iMac took it, but he later concluded that there is no need for the Mac. For a while, Apple pad is a “computer” as the venues, and a Case Study Stefan: I gave him my old 11-inch iPad braija keyboard, and now he is using as his sole computer.

That means my MacBook Air is useless. I can not work without a Mac in case something happens to me, so it’s one of my main backup machine remains in a state of emergency. And it has been doubling in power service. So I need an extra Mac. All I need is a new extra Mac.

The lure of a 12-inch MacBook

But I’ve always had a secret hacking for the 12-inch MacBook; It was just such a clever machine! I quite like a MacBook Air was not worth the cost of upgrading to a downgrade in most cases it was when it was the only one I could not justify.

The aspiration for someone never went away, and of course the new one will have one more big appeal: the opportunity to play with the next generation Mac. As an Apple Silicone 12-inch MacBook, curiosity alone will be a strong pull. Add to my original gadget desire, and it will be hard to resist.


EBay informed me that my MacBook Air still costs around 300 300 ($ 400). If the price of the new machine is £ 999 (which is included with Apple’s list prices for 20% of sales tax dollars to be pounds), it cost £ 700 to upgrade. Apple is optimistic approach for the generation of ARM’s silicon kickstart demand for some of the savings to consumers from the store, so it is likely to be £ 899 (I personally do not expect the reduction of more than Apple).

As a secondary machine, performance is not a priority, so it should be securely good for a lifetime of 5-7 years – matching with my Air, which will be able to play the Big Tune but is unlikely to get any updates beyond that. So round numbers call it around £ 100 ($ 133) a year.

If it was just a backup machine, I’d still hesitate, and the plane will be inclined to hold onto until just died. But if the 15-20 hour battery life claims are true, this is a machine that I use as a supplement to the Mbp is me. In particular, the battery life claimed by an A-series processor may be accurate. In general, I pay about 50-60% of their claimed life to MacBooks, real use when my iPad meets or even exceeds the claimed life.

As much as I love my iPad Pro with the magic keyboard, I’m still a Mac guy more than an iPad guy. Even everything I do for leisure use involves multitasking and the iPadOS is still quite painful compared to MacOS. My iPad will still have a role, but a 12-inch MacBook that matches or sticks to its battery? There is no competition for the majority of staff.

In that view, 16-inch MacBook Pro will be my primary machine, and when the hotel requires you to work from home then I’ll travel with it. However, for the use of pure leisure travel and coffee shop, 12-inch MacBook will be one of my favorite machine.

In fact, it’s then my iPad which is hard to justify. Must be read in the category of a luxury product: Nice to have, but optional. 12-inch MacBook was able to fill only is it an e-book reader, and it is easily solved with a kindela.

Yes so, if the report is true, I will place one of my orders every day. How are you Please share in your own thoughts about the buzz device in the comments.

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