Apple Music’s Ryan Ryan Newman Ireland’s editorial staff travels to the UK

Apple Music saw a breakthrough in the UK and Irish markets. Ryan Newman, who has so far been head of relationships for artists in the same market, is set to become editor-in-chief.

According to Billboard, Newman’s promotion to head of Apple Music in the UK comes at a time when Austin Dabo has created a vacant role in the UK’s Atlantic Records as executive VP.

Newman grew rapidly at Apple after starting as music director in 2018, moving to the top of the artist relationship in January 2019.

The editor oversees the mainstream platform ecosystem and various marketing initiatives. Newman reports to Apple Music UK music chief George Ergudis

Meanwhile, in the United States, when racial injustice and inequality have sadly increased, Dabohan gave his “mass congratulations” on Twitter today, Newman said. “The other brother had a top position in the company.”

NR – Free congratulations to Ryan Music, who became the Editor-in-Chief of Apple Music

Another young brother had a top position in the world organization.


– Austin (#AustinDarbo) on June 9, 2020

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