Apple may consider adding a live TV to Prime Video

Apple wants to expand its offer of prime video, including live TV. The e-commerce giant appears to be actively developing a live TV arm for its entertainment, according to a report on the protocol and the list of jobs available to multiple people.

Sources told Protocol that the company is “actively looking for licenses for live and linear programming.” “You should assume they’re talking to everyone,” they added.

The report further mentioned that the new 24/7 live channels will host various content including scheduled movies and TV shows, music, news and sports.

A job listing for the product manager of “Prime Video Linear TV” states that the company is looking for someone who can “improve how customers view 24/7 linear broadcast TV content” and “improve customer experience based on end-to-end customer” linear TV content. Discover and watch

The live TV addition could potentially limit Amazon’s prime video to an on-demand catalog on its streaming rivals, such as Netflix. Live TV programming is still a big part of online video traffic dominating the space on platforms like Hulu, Sling and YouTube.

Another job posting from Amazon highlighted this and noted that “although demand for video is increasing, global viewing times are projected to increase by 644% over the next two years in favor of Weight Live or Schedule TV and OTT linear streaming.”

We reached out to Amazon for a comment and we’ll update the story when we hear.

The on-demand streaming market itself has grown increasingly crowded over the past year as production houses have locked their core content behind a new subscription – many of which are trying to curtail existing services.

Amazon itself is no stranger to live TV programming. The company has already tested the format. Last week, Amazon announced that it would stream Premier League football to its gaming platform, June 29, from Twitch. Its 24/7 live TV effort though seems to be in its infancy at the moment and it may take some time before any official talk. It remains to be seen whether Amazon will go into any poaching spree and retain talent for the department from existing live TV providers.

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