Apple Government VP Cynthia Hogan will be out next month

Apple announced the departure of Cynthia Hogan, vice president of public policy and government affairs. The announcement came after Hogan joined John Benin’s vice-presidential campaign last month

Ergo joined Apollo in 2016, assigning various responsibilities related to policy, lobbying and government relations. Apple has not yet changed its name to Hogan, but has confirmed that the company has moved to Axam.

Prior to joining Apple, Agan served as a consultant to the White House and Senate. He also spent two years as the APL’s public policy vice president. During his tenure at Apple, Hugo reported on Lisa Jackson, vice president of environmental, policy and social enterprise.

Other members of the Bonnie Vice President group include Senator Chris Dodd, Congresswoman Lisa Blaine and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“One of the most important decisions when campaigning for a presidential election is choosing a vice president,” said campaigner Jane Olmel Dillon. These four-chairs reflect the strength and diversity of our team and provide insight and insight into what constitutes a powerful selection and refining process.

Hogan will officially announce Apple next month.

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