Apple Fortnit / App Store protests Epic Games for damages in the latest escalation of the war

As the fight between Epic Games and Apple continues, the latter has formally filed a counter-lawsuit against the Fortnit developers seeking compensation for breach of developer agreement. In a new court filing, Apple said Epic is not the “modern corporate Robin Hood” that it claims.

As reported by CNBC, Apple has included the following statement as part of a new legal filing seeking compensation from Epic for breach of its agreement. As the controversy intensifies, Apple has been marked as a turning point.

Apple said in a lawsuit filed in a district court in Northern California that the Epic lawsuit was nothing more than a fundamental dispute over money. “While Epic has portrayed itself as the modern corporate Robin Hood, in reality it is a multi-million dollar venture that simply doesn’t want to pay anything for the huge value it receives from the App Store.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But that may not be a huge amount, as Apple is trying to recover the money it lost within hours of its own payment system being snatched from iOS’s Farnite before Apple was pulled.

Another part of the counterclaim is that Apple has asked the court for a “permanent order ban” to ban Epic’s direct payment option.

Apple is now going one step further, asking the court to hold Epic accountable for breach of contract, seeking to recover Fortnite of all money collected through its payment system and banning its external payment system on all applications for permanent ban. Fortnet

Hours after Fornet was removed from the App Store just hours after Apic snatched its own payment system, Apic filed a lawsuit against Apple for recovering it and being able to run its own App Store on iOS devices. Apple responded by giving Fortnite a lucky one before closing its developer accounts.

APIC has filed another lawsuit asking the court to restrain Apple from deleting its Dave accounts. The judge ruled that Apple could not close Epic’s Dave accounts for unrealistic engines, but it could be for game related to Fortnight and other titles.

All in all, Apple recovered that Epic could avoid deleting its Dave accounts (and continue its lawsuit) by removing the direct payment feature and submitting a Fortnight update. However, the epic did not grow until August 28th, when Apple’s Dave accounts were eliminated, eliminating unrealistic engine-related accounts.

Just over a week later, Epic filed a lawsuit in another court, asking Apple to bring Fortnit back to the store. However, this seems most likely impossible because a Northern California court judge had already ruled on that exact matter.

Epic could lose 26 26 million a month in revenue by being banned from the App Store, according to a report from Buenos Aires.

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