Apple chip maker TSMC officially announces 12 12 billion plan in Arizona

After a few days of rumors, it is now official. TSMC has announced plans to build a chip factory in the United States, particularly in Arizona.

Construction began in 2021 and the first chips could be produced in 2024. TSMC is Apple’s e-series chip maker on its Apple devices.

In the process of designing a custom chip silicon, Apple has skillfully led the mobile industry and invented its designs through mass production. [TSMC] Also paid. Many years ago, Apple shared orders between Samsung and TSMC, but for some time TSMC was the sole manufacturer.

Later this year, Apple will launch the iPhone 12, which will feature the A14 chip. The AN will be run on 14 nanometers using the latest engineering advances at TSMC. By 2021, Apple and TSMC partnerships will surpass iOS devices as the company begins publishing Macs to ARM chip architects.

Apple chip orders are expected to be finalized – by an Arizona plant as part.

TSMC said that the total cost of the project between 2021 and 2029 will be about $ 12 billion.

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