Apple CEO Tim Cook says in an open letter to Floyd Floyd’s “ignorant murder” in a letter about open racism and equality

Apple CEO Tim Cook posted an open letter today on an appeals website, citing recent protests at the protest rally over Floyd’s death and the riots described as a “stupid murder” by Cook.

Cook says everyone should come together and acknowledge the fear and frustration of recent events and the long history of racism. You can read Cook’s letter in its entirety under the heading “Talking about racism.”

The letter is currently displayed on Apple’s home page. Cook described Floyd’s death as “tragic evidence” that much more needs to be done to build a future that combines the ideals of equality and justice.

In the letter, Cook said Apple has doubled its social commitment, including technology delivery, climate change and diversification and inclusion initiatives in disadvantaged schools. Apple is funding groups like the Justice Initiative to address racial injustice.

This is a time when many people want nothing more than to return to normalcy or stability, which is only comfortable if our comfort is prevented from being wronged. As difficult as it is to accept, that desire itself is a sign of privilege. The death of Floyd Floyd is a tragic and tragic proof that we must achieve far more goals than the “ordinary” future and build one that lives up to the highest ideals of equality and justice.

The letter, sent to staff earlier this week, contains Cook’s vocal support. Cook supported public protests on social media (a kind of peace, not violence after all).

Many Apple stores have closed and failed due to further unrest. These stores are now turning into protest rallies to spread their message. As an organization, Apple recently took part in an awareness campaign on Black Out Tuesdays like Apple Music.

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