Apollo Launches Third Annual SPCA Animal Shelter Fundraiser for Reddit Developers

The developer behind the popular iOS Apple Apollo for Reddit is once again launching a grant campaign for the Nova Scotia Shelter SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). All proceeds from the Apollo sale for Reddit on Monday will benefit SPAA Animal Shelter and there are other ways to donate.

This marks the third year in a row that Apollo has run this grant campaign on behalf of Reddit developer Christian Selig. The campaign takes place during the “kitten season” for SPCA shelters – a time of year that is usually a challenge for shelters and is exacerbated by the CableVide-19 epidemic.

Christian explanation:

This warm time of year is really fair to the shelter. These months are dubbed as “kitten season two” because it is the most active time for giving birth to kittens. Shelters orphanage and surrender (and sometimes leave for the dead) kittens are surprised to see their cats give birth, and shelter resources (like food) are incredibly strained. While a tidal wave of kittens may seem theoretically clever, it is overwhelmingly overwhelming.

Worst of all, with the Kavid epidemic, kittens are even more likely to get worse this year, bringing in less pets than pets, and people taking less from the inside, so they’re really doing more harm than good.

Apollo for Reddit has purchased a free app for the iPhone and iPad and an app to upgrade to premium features. Premium subscription upgrades are suitable for purchase with features like notification support, customizable hints, unique custom home screen icons.

And if you’ve already bought Apollo for Reddit, you can grab a lifetime subscription for just 25 and support the great cause at the same time. You can retweet this post on Twitter, paying $ 1 for each Christian retweet. Christian has also created a dedicated fundraising page where you can go to donate to the 2020 Apollo SPCA Fundraiser.

Finally, Apollo has added a new custom application icon for Reddit that you can unlock for a one-time purchase of -4.99. Earnings from this app icon will go to Nova Scotia SPCA, not just today, but every day. In addition to the icon, the 4.99 purchase gives you two unique wallpapers and exclusively the Apollo Pets photo album.

Today 100% of Apollo’s earnings will be donated to the Nova Scotia SPCA Animal Shelter who are really in need of help and overwhelmed with resources. Check out a great Reddit app today!

I will also donate ড 1 for each response! https://t.co/oMlPqOAPOt

– Apollo App (@Apploreddit) July 20, 2020

Yo! It’s my birthday! I’m donating 100% of the money I received from that Apollo Reddit today to the SPCA Animal Shelter, and now an exclusive new icon is available in the app to unlock.

I’m doing an AMA too! Help me break a record! . Https://t.co/Au4Tn3MSIN

– Christian Selig (@ChristianSelig) July 20, 2020

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