Antonio Sabato Jr. launches Conservative movie studio to fill the void in liberal Hollywood

Antonio Sabato Jr., blacklisted for his conservative views and frustrated with Hollywood’s liberal dominance, announced plans to reopen a conservative film studio in July.

Now, that dream is becoming a reality through the studio’s first patriotic-driven project: “Trail Blazer.”

Robert Rabiah joins his friend Antonio Sabato in Trail Blazers

– Antonio Sabato Jr. @ (AntonioSatoJR) May 11, 2020

Antonio Sabato Jr. Announces Conservative Film Studio Opening Project

Sabato recently told Fox News that he has spent the past “several months” assembling the production team.

Moreover, the “General Hospital” heartthrob is excited about the conservative film studio. He thinks there is a clear void in Hollywood that is going to fill his conservative movie projects.

“I have a script called ‘Trail Blazer’ that will be with a lot of my great actors (and) friends. I wrote it for them. And I wrote it for the Patriots, ”Sabato said.

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For those who like the good West, “Trail Blazers” is a modern Western country that explores the good versus the evil and the angels and ghosts.

Moreover, when Sabato refers to a “bunch of extraordinary actors”, he does not exaggerate. Some of Hollywood’s top conservative names are said to have signed Lorenzo Lamas, Kevin Sorbo, Dean Kane and Christy Swanson.

Sabato, 48, went on to explain the projects he wanted to build his conservative film studio.

“I want to make a film about this country. I want to make films with our police officers. I would like to make a film about Jesus Christ and our flag, as a nation.

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Antonio Sabato Jr., Hollywood’s ‘blacklist’ for being liberal for being conservative

Sabato was born in Rome, Italy, yet there is more patriotism today than many naturally born Americans.

So the actor is well aware of the difficulties of being a proud conservative Christian working in the liberal world of Hollywood.

Back in March, Sabato said he was “blacklisted” by Hollywood. He was fired for supporting Donald Trump while addressing the 2016 Republican National Convention.

“I’m the first celebrity that came out about the president and I had a vote from day one,” Sabato told Variety. “I was the first to say that he was going to win. My honesty is intact. What I believe is still intact. What doesn’t break makes you stronger – that’s what they say. So I’m stronger than ever, and I don’t have to lie about who I am. “

“I was blacklisted,” he said. “All my representatives left me, from agents to business agents. I literally had to move, find a new job to survive and take care of my kids. ”

Backstory: Antonio Sabato Jr. says his career was ruined by being a Trump supporter – gets blacklisted in Hollywood

Together, we will make America stronger again. We will get rich again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And yes, together, we will make America great again. Thanks. God bless you. And God bless America America. ল RealDonald Trump ট্র

– Antonio Sabato Jr. @ (AntonioSabatoJR) September 2, 2020

Liberal Hollywood blacklisting is more conservative

Since then, the blacklisting of conservatives in Hollywood has only gotten worse. This is even more evident as liberals are pushing the entire entertainment industry further to the left than ever before.

Of course, this shift to the left creates more opportunities for prominent liberals.

Barack and Michelle Obama signed deals with Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel despite not having millions of dollars in Netflix industry experience. And Colin Copernicus signed a production agreement with Disney focusing on “stories of race, social injustice and the search for justice”

Yet conservative actors with decades of experience, such as Antonio Sabato Jr. and Kevin Sorbo, are fighting for jobs because of their political views.

We applaud Sabato for continuing to fight for the Conservatives in Hollywood. Millions of conservative Americans are fascinated by the social message of modern entertainment.

So it’s important that conservatives and Christians everywhere support Antonio Sabato’s conservative film studios and “trail blazers”.

Help spread the word to make it a resounding success that runs a house of conservative actors and a generous garden Hollywood for their money!

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