Announcing the creation of the Week Documentary, now streaming on Netflix

Netflix has announced that its critically acclaimed new series – The Waiter, will get a behind-the-scenes documentary to show viewers how they have transmitted the franchise of iconic video games.

The documentary went live today, meaning you can check it out right now on Netflix! Yes, it was an amazing drop and anyone who is a fan of the show will definitely want to check out this documentary. Netflix has released an official trailer showing the new dock, where we see Riviera Geralt – Henry Cavill, showrunner and director Lauren Heisrich, and many more cast members talk about making waiters.

Watch the official trailer for the Witcher documentary below:

Move behind every bit of monsters, balls, and magic that enlivened the Witcher continent.

In related Netflix news, the streaming service has released its first official trailer for another video game adaptation – Dragon’s Dogma.

It’s a bit different because it’s an anime, but still the franchise of one more video game has turned into a TV series. The latest trailer gives us a glimpse into the dogma world of Druggum in Ophelia in September as well as sets an official release date that looks amazing. If you’re a fan of the Capcom series, I suggest checking out the show’s latest trailer here!

Netflix’s The Waiter documentary is now in service. Are you planning to review back footage for the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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