/Animal Crossing Mermaid Set Guide: Complete Item List and DIY Recipe Location

Animal Crossing Mermaid Set Guide: Complete Item List and DIY Recipe Location

A big part of the new Animal Crossing Summer update is the ability to swim around the sea around your island. Don’t mind this being the shark season in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s heated water and the beaches can throw up.

Apart from taking excessive salt water with your friends, there is another reason to dive into the drink and explore the open sea explore new mermaid set items.

Pascal comes with new water; An otter that is as cold as a sea cucumber. Just as Gulliver keeps a set of pirate items, this hungry little water jolt is like a guardian of forgotten knowledge, setting the whole new marbled DIY recipe as a very close-knit secret. Here’s how to get Pascal to share a scallop-oy product.

How to get Pascal to Animal Crossing

Putting on your weightsuit and paddling around your island is not enough to get Pascal. He is a tiny little creature, unless something hinders you, unless you show it.

If you know a lot about otters, they like to eat aquatic life (and sometimes even birds) and snacks. A simple fish is not enough for a sports doll. She wants shellfish. Or, more specifically, a scallop. Take a look and he will present a chance in front of you before he gets a chance to pocket Tasty Mursel.

Where to find scallops at animal crossings

Scallops cannot be fished in the old fashioned way. You have to dive for them. While your weightsuit is on, you need the bubbles to rise above the surface.

Dive closer using the Y button and lead yourself to the shadow of the submerged water for marine life. If luck is on your side, it won’t take much longer trips to the ocean floor before you pull the scallop. Oysters will not.

It’s not guaranteed, but bring a scallop from a diver and you can only see Pascal pop on the horizon. Once you drop your new treasure, he will swim to you and ask you to take it off your hand. Pikesh force the little sausage and he will hand over a random mermaid set DIY recipe as a thank you.

How to get more mermaid set diy recipe

There are enough items in a mermaid set to fill a house. That’s good. But finding them is not so easy.

As mentioned above, the only reliable way to get Pascal marbled DIY recipes. They have every chance to come down from the balloons but the item tables of the balloons are already filled with brim, the adversity is against you.

Pascal up like a squirrel in winter preparation is not as easy as loaded farm scallops. This is a quick way to hit repetitive strains both in and out of the game.

Like the message bottles of the archipelago, Pascal lives in a strict DIY recipe on a daily basis. No matter how many times you see a silent sea critic when you empty your own water scallop reserves, you’ll one day get a chance at just one mermaid recipe from him.

All mermaid set items – complete recipe list

Want to channel your inland aerial and you want to be under the sea? Thanks to dataminers like StilocryplayC on Reddit, we now know all the items from the new Mermaid set. Note: Item names will be completely formal and separate. We will update them as the exact names of the games are discovered.

Here is the full list of Mermaid Set Items Animal Crossing Summer Updates:

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